U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik knows that the results of the 2020 presidential election are legitimate. Beyond the numerous unsuccessful court challenges and the testimony of Republican election officials, she has the words of former Attorney General Bill Barr that the Department of Justice has “not seen fraud on a scale that could have affected the outcome of the election.”

But she continues to mislead her constituents. She is unwilling to be caught in a direct lie, so she equivocates. She declines to communicate a responsible judgment. Rep. Stefanik has abdicated her responsibility to act in accordance with her own understanding.

In pursuit of her quest for personal power, she has continued to delude her constituents with misleading statements and to endanger the future of our republic by cynically suggesting malfeasance in the election process. Rep. Stefanik’s words and actions are a moral failure.

Mark Coleman


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Right on. The Republican party used to called the Grand Old Party (GOP), Now they are the Grand Old Purveyors of Lies (GOPAL).


Great letter, Mark.

Complicit are local GOP politicians- Ritchie, Walczyk, Blankenbush, Barclay, etc.- who, in failing to correct constituents, fostered the lie through their silence.

The moral depravity and absence of leadership are astounding.


But she continues to mislead her constituents.

She’s just responding to their “concerns.” The same concerns they have because Trump keeps telling them he was cheated and rightwing media tells them and Republicans in Congress help reinforce.

She and the others blather about Democrats being socialists and all. But, it’s just window dressing. The GOP doesn’t care about politics anymore. All they care about is massaging Trump’s ego. He’s not going to get any saner or any more likely to appeal to the majority of people in this country. And the longer they continue to adhere to him the harder it’s going to be make a break.

They have no leader in the House, certainly not McCarthy. Trump is their only leader. I keep looking at Jimmy Carter and Bush Sr and trying to imagine their respective parties acting in any way like the GOP is now. They didn’t. They addressed problems they had reaching a majority of voters. Today’s GOP can’t do that until they admit Trump lost, but they just continue to give life to a conspiracy theory.


And after all that the Republican party is going to promote her to its number three. What does that tell you?

hermit thrush

excellent letter.

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