Romney showed courage in giving his speech

This entire impeachment has been a complete hoax with minimal merit. U.S. Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s charge to remove President Donald Trump from office has done nothing but hurt the American people and diminish the legitimacy of our Constitution. President Trump was elected fairly by the voters, so I don’t understand why Democrats are so keen to go against what the American people want.

This impeachment farce has only made me want to support U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik more. Her incredible commitment to doing the right thing on behalf of her constituents shows every day as she fights against Democrats and the ridiculous notion of removing President Trump. Elise is an example of a great representative as she listens to what her constituents want and applies it during times like this.

On the other hand, Elise’s opponent, Tedra Cobb, has poorly handled this impeachment bologna, showing her true character. Cobb has allowed her Hollywood supporters to sling derogatory slurs at Elise for doing exactly what her Constituents are asking her to do. As the impeachment continues, I wonder, would Tedra do what is right by our district or do what would get her in good graces with Nancy Pelosi?

I don’t want to find the answer to this question. That is why I will continue to put my support in Elise Stefanik. Throughout the impeachment Elise has been a force to be reckoned with and has exemplified our north country values. With Elise in office, I am confident that this impeachment bogus will come to an end.

James Zacharek


Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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Mr. Zacharek, please cite a few "North Country values" for us.


Didn't realize that TREASON was a "North Country Value"!

hermit thrush

if stefanik exmplies north country values then that is quite an insult to the north country.

Holmes -- the real one

That's for sure.

Interesting that Stefanik's district doesn't even include Syracuse. Yet we have this "James Zacharek" from Syracuse spreading lies about just what reflects our district.

Wonder just who he's shilling for?


Wow! This dude has bought the whole truck of Republican nonsense. The bill has already come due in the form of massive deficit spending that further balloons the national debt. This from (ahem!) "The Party of Fiscal Responsibility." (More like "The Party of Fiscal Hypocrisy.")


This letter is exhibit A in the "Trump is a cult" department. It is all beliefs, no facts.


Amazing he did not write one fact in this. Like literally not one thing he wrote is true.

Stefanik will support sending our troops to die to help Trump get re-elected. That is what the upcoming war with Iran is about. We are about to send soldiers to die to help President Bone Spurs get re-elected. Lets cut the political correctness. Stefanik will 100% support killing our soldiers and spending a fortune to go to war with whoever is in control in Iran.


James you are every bit a disgrace as the embarrassment in the WH.

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