Red Cross volunteers deserve our gratitude

If our most “elemental need is: each other.” why must U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik keep tearing us apart with fear-mongering about “reckless spending” and the “fiscally-irresponsible Democrats”?

She succeeds in divisiveness because her voters probably don’t know the long history of our national debt. Nor how Republicans also “overspend” but then blame the Democrats.

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Double Dittos

John Casserly

Right on target. Thanks Martha.

Farmer Liz

Excellent letter! Sadly, Elise's entire future in the House is focused on retaliation, fueled by lies and resentment. There was a time when elected officials put their focus on the welfare of their constituents; sadly those days are gone for District 21. Her divisiveness is topmost in all her social media, and her supporters lap it up and rabidly attack anyone who asks for evidence of her false claims.

hermit thrush

excellent letter!

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