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U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik is ranked in the top 25% most bipartisan members of Congress yet has been portrayed as an extremist by fake news media that only looks to cause havoc and spread hysteria in order to push their leftist agenda.

It is important to consider all of the congresswoman’s accomplishments and thoroughly research what she truly stands for.

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Until Rep. Stefanik denounces the Big Lie and white replacement theory, she should rightly be considered someone out of step with the rest of the country and this district. How has she “raised millions” for mental health? Her announcing money from the Biden administration that she most likely voted against in Congress is not actually doing anything. She doesn’t support women’s bodily autonomy, whether being able to obtain an abortion or have access to birth. She uses veterans and law enforcement as a political pawn. I am hopeful NY-21 holds her accountable for her actions and words in the next election.


None of that matters because she was complicit in an attempt to overthrow an election. She spread lies about a fraudulent election as part of a scheme to keep Trump in power with no regard to the rule of law. We've all seen the breakdown of what happened that day. She is part of it and has yet to distance herself from any of it.

Farmer Liz

Unfortunately, every time Stefanik actually does her job (and congratulates herself ad nauseum), it's offset by her devotion to an unhinged former guy who tried to overthrow the government. I still remember her standing up during the night of the insurrection and refusing to support certification. She needs to go.


Maybe she should’ve pushed for some mental health intervention for the guy who put together the coup effort to make himself president for life. Oh right, she supported that effort.

She is an extremist. She’s the most undemocratic, unpatriotic person to ever represent upstate NY. She’s a true Trumpian, tho. Whatever’s good for her is what she’s going to do.


Albeit her support on veterans is admirable, until she and many other GOPers' distance themselves from Trump, address Jan 6th...and the Big Election Lie... she'll not get the deserved credit.... the GOP needs to be more like Reagan and McCain...

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