Stefanik is a role model to all young women

U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik has a strong record when it comes to bipartisan health care. Elise has always been an advocate for increasing health care access in our district, including creating effective policies to reform the federal mental health system. Her record shows that she is dedicated to reforming our health care system with common sense solutions that will improve the quality of health care while also increasing accessibility of health care resources for north country families.

Elise Stefanik understands that she has a duty to advocate for the health and wellness of the North Country families that elected her to office. And as her record in Congress shows, Elise has continuously upheld her commitment to creating diverse solutions that support a healthier community.

For example, in 2016 Elise co-sponsored and helped pass the bipartisan legislation Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act to reform the federal mental health system in the United States. Elise’s efforts to create effective mental resources extend to a diverse community with individuals facing unique health issues. For instance, Elise helped pass the Law Enforcement Mental Health and Wellness Act of 2017 to help improve mental health services for the men and women dedicated to keeping our community safe each day by providing resources and grants to create programs that address mental health in challenges law enforcement officers face, like peer mentoring programs and training for mental health providers specifically tailored to law enforcement mental health needs.

These two examples illustrate Elise’s dedication to addressing real issues that our community faces each and every day. Today, we can still see Elise actively listening to our concerns here in the district and bringing them back to congress to fight for quality solutions. That is why Elise is the person we should re-elect to represent our needs — because she will actually do it.

Establishing a health care system that endeavors to help mental illness is an issue that is integral to the prosperity of this community and incredibly important to me. That is why I will continue to support Elise Stefanik because I know that she hears our concerns and will use her elected position to advocate effectively on our behalf, it doesn’t just stop at health care.

David Van Geyten


Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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According to Gallup, 7 million Americans have lost their health insurance under Trump. I would not consider that "strong". Add to that the return of pre-existing conditions and you make it even worse for those who still have insurance.


What universe is this fool from.

hermit thrush

stefanik voted to repeal the afforcable care act without replacing it. it was a disastrous and shameful vote. tedra cobb is the real health care candidate.


Perhaps all members of Congress should step away from their special coverage and enroll in the same programs available to their constituents. Hummmm then we might get some changes


Rep. Stefanik, who poses as an advocate for better healthcare for our citizens, was among those Republican congresspersons who has moved to repeal Obamacare--with no replacement plan anywhere on the horizon. How is this consistent with the letter-writer's argument. Sounds more like she opposes national healthcare, period. Just like her idol, Donald Trump.

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