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Every day with U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik is great for Fort Drum. Elise is the greatest defender in our region of the base. Without it, the United States is much more vulnerable to attack.

In this session alone, Elise has secured the funds to increase the railhead at Fort Drum. This will allow trains to get in and out of there faster.

This will greatly increase how fast the 10th Mountain Division, the most utilized group of soldiers since 9/11, will be able to be deployed across the world.

She has fought for greater health care access for those stationed at Fort Drum. She has helped to negotiate a deal that would allow Samaritan Health to send 22 specialists to treat soldiers there.

There is no better person to represent us and protect Fort Drum than Elise Stefanik. We need to vote for her this year.

Christine A. Netto


Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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Holmes -- the real one

Poor Christine A. Netto is speaking from a position of limited understanding.

It is clear that she had, in front of her, a list of talking points and was no doubt congratulating herself on including them all when she finished her letter. Unfortunately, from review of this letter, it is clear that Ms. Christine A. Netto displays a meager ability to apply reasoning. It is also, sadly, obvious that she has inadequate access to empathy.

Ms. Netto -- empathy is defined as the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. Your letter focuses on issues regarding Ft. Drum. So what do you know about how actual military people feel about Ms. Stefanik?

What do you suppose our troops think of Trump and Stefanik?

Do you recall Trump's visit and his very obvious insult to McCain -- upheld by Stefanik standing by and grinning? What do you suppose a soldier ready to deploy thinks about hearing, "He was a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren't captured. He lost and let us down."?

Do you think that soldiers respect the putting those who commit war crimes forward as part of the Trump re-election team along with Elise Stefanik, Trump's wannabe puppet?

She did not "help" broker the deal with Samaritan. All she did was not hinder it. We all know, had this been a measure that was originating from the other side of the aisle, Stefanik would have thrown her flimsy concern for the troops to the wind and opposed it.

Ft. Drum's presence here does not make our area "less vulnerable to attack" -- that's simply nonsense. (Did you give any thought whatsoever to those talking points? Come on now, this just screams ignorance.)

Ms. Stefanik has described her supporters as reliable supporters of Trump -- a many times loser to whom she has attached herself to the coattails. She has openly disparaged the area she carpetbagged herself into representing.

Just what do you really like about her?

Farmer Liz

Tedra Cobb will prioritize the importance of Fort Drum to the entire northern region. And, as a plus, she won't be in the pocket of a corrupt president who could care less about women, children, people of color, veterans, etc....


Ms. Netto, when Elise Stefanik represents us and protects Fort Drum, she represents and protects Donald Trump, his interests, and her own career interests. Her agenda is convoluted and intricately twisted when it should be simple, minus the plot threads and ulterior motives. That they usurp, distance and pale into insignificance 21st district constituents and Fort Drum, alarmingly indicate that virtually anyone could represent us better than Elise Stefanik.


Ms. Netto, today, Elise Stefanik was selected as Donald Trump's campaign chair in New York state. See? Trump and her own career interests rule. It's not good for us or Fort Drum. Indeed, it's unwise and not good for her! That she has chosen to travel a seriously flawed road should act as a heads up to us. Instead of following, it's time we part ways.


"Without it [Fort Drum], the United States is much more vulnerable to attack?"

Attack from whom? Canada?

While I agree that the 10th Mountain Division is valuable to the nation's defense and Fort Drum is a benefit to the region, attack from nearby is unlikely.


Elise Stefanik will send Fort Drum troops to die in some baloney “war” intended to help Trump get re-elected. Remember, our Troops will be asked to give up their lives, but the commander in chief couldn’t be bothered to sell his businesses. Trump will most likely personally profit from soldiers’ deaths through his businesses. Stefanik supports this.

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