Storie has talent to serve as county judge

Prior the novel coronavirus pandemic, the U.S. economy was thriving. Unemployment numbers were at a 50-year low, and wages for the average worker were increasing.

Some seven months after the arrival of coronavirus in the United States, one cannot help but be struck by the numerous businesses that have been closed — many never to open again. The economic challenges these business losses pose for the 21st Congressional District are great but not insurmountable. Fortunately, we have a representative who grew up in a small business family who also was part of the team that brought us the pre-coronavirus economic boom.

U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik understands that agriculture, retail and service businesses are the economic backbone of the 21st Congressional District. She recognizes that high taxes, federal regulations and mandates have a negative effect on the success and longevity of these small businesses.

Her work in Congress to support small business and promote local entrepreneurship was recognized in September 2020 by the National Federation of Independent Business. She was awarded the Guardian of Small Business Award for the second year in a row.

Elise also recognizes that trade and market forces are not the only threats to small businesses. Our small-business owners need to feel safe to open businesses in their neighborhoods.

They need to know that their local government officials support law enforcement, and they need to know that rioters will not be allowed to loot and set fire to their business. Our residents also need to know that we have someone in Congress who strongly supports the Second Amendment and the right individuals to protect their businesses, homes and families.

Congresswoman Stefanik has been an excellent representative for the 21st Congressional District. She has certainly earned my respect and my vote.

Nancy W. Foster


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we have a representative who grew up in a small business family who also was part of the team that brought us the pre-coronavirus economic boom.

They trash Obama every chance they get and then ride the coattails of his economy. Tedra is of the North Country. Trump’s apprentice is not. Speaking of whom, where was Dear Leader in this letter? He wouldn’t be happy to be left out.

hermit thrush

this is so on the money. the obama economy was just as good as the trump economy. the obama economy was just as good as the trump economy. you have to keep repeating it, since a lot of people, for partisan reasons, refuse to believe it. job growth was a bit better at the end of the obama years than under trump (even before the pandemic hit). gdp growth under both presidents was the same.

Charlie McGrath

When O left office the U rate was 4.7%, stock market at 20,000. Pre-Covid the U rate was 3.5%, stock market 29,000. At 3.5% U job growth slows because full employment is 3.5% unemployment. No room for job growth. With Trump tax cuts people had more money for themselves. With Obama tax increases including ACA(a tax) people had less for themselves. It's not about how much the government gets, it's about how much the people get to keep.

hermit thrush

when obama took office in january 2009, unemployment was 7.8% and rapidly rising due to the great recession. it peaked at 10.0% in october 2009 and then steadily declined for the rest of obama's 7+ years in office. during the 2012 campaign, mitt romney pledged to get unemployment down to 6% by 2016 -- a goal that obama proceeded to achieve two years early, in 2014. as you note, unemployment continued going down to 4.7% when obama left office. that is a pretty good record! and then all that happened under trump is that the trends already in place continued. anyone who wants can see for themselves: it is true that it is harder to create jobs when the unemployment rate is as low as the one obama handed off, so one shouldn't make too much of the fact that job growth slowed under trump. but it's completely at odds with the narrative that the economy was terrible under obama and great under trump. trump gets credit for not messing up what he inherited from obama (in contrast to the fortune he inherited from his father!). on the other hand, the trump tax cuts did nothing for ordinary people -- virtually all of the benefits went to the wealthy.


Thanks, Charlie, for some real context and interpretive tools. The liberal ideologues, such as Savanah Whatshername, will twist, distort , and shout over the truth every time.


Savanah Whatshername

Obviously she’s well known enough to land an interview with the president. And beat him about the neck and shoulders except to the Red Hat Cult. And Biden was on another network looking presidential. One of the president’s no-minds compared him to Fred Rogers not realizing what a compliment that is.

So yeah, Savanah Whatshername. I’m thinking you’re just so famous you have to comment here anonymously.

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