A sign of mutual support

The environment is a hotly contested topic in Washington. Democrats argue for the best plan to combat climate change and Republicans are taken aback by their concern for the economic impact such plans may have.

Luckily, when it comes to environmental legislation that keeps the threat of climate change at bay while being cautious of its impacts on the economy, I am reassured by the fact that we have the 14th most bipartisan member of the U.S. House of Representatives (out of all 435 members, according to the Lugar Center) representing us in D.C.

U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik is a warrior for bipartisan legislation, and the environment is no exception.

Elise introduced a piece of legislation expressing the commitment of the House of Representatives to environmental stewardship, in addition to cosponsoring the Climate Solutions Commission Act.

She has actively recognized the impact acid rain pollution has had on the Adirondack Park, and has been on the offensive when it comes to invasive species.

She additionally secured $2 million in funds for Lake Champlain restorative efforts, $300,000 for a Glens Falls cleanup site in addition to backing several pieces of legislation focused on forest recovery and management.

All of these efforts help save our environment yet also spark economic opportunities for the north country.

Elise also voted in favor of a Democratic bill that would allow the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to crack down on the use of polyfluoroalkyl substances, a devastating pollutant and hazardous substance.

Elise’s bipartisan record on the environment and beyond is just what we need in Washington so Congress can actually get things done.

Lelan O’Brien

Black River

Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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Farmer Liz

While Stefanik's environmental score has risen in the past couple of years, she continues to align herself with one of the most environmentally dangerous Presidents we have ever had. His disdain for protecting our world is unbelievable, and she follows him like a lapdog. I'm glad she is protecting the Adirondacks, but I don't trust that her ambition won't override it in the future.


[thumbup] As long as republicans have the votes to make sure their corporate interests remain intact representatives like trumpette stefanik are allowed to cast a 'dissenting' vote that assures them to keep their seat.

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