Watertown must be prepared for blackout

I recently read a Watertown Daily Times article on the “second revolution” in GOP-bragging about one election win (Ted Harvey column, “November 2021 marks the beginning of a second American Revolution,” Nov. 22). However, from my perspective, all I see in the GOP is that lying is the new norm as is super-exaggeration and most importantly cruelty. All of these have been supported by Elise Stefanik, our once honest, bipartisan congresswoman.

Led by Donald Trump, election lies are said daily. And more than 1 year later with numerous recounts and more than 70 lost lawsuits, there is not one fact to support his claims. To make it worse, this lie has led the GOP to restrict voting procedures in numerous states and Elise says nothing except to promote the lie.

To make it worse, the GOP has voted to allow partisan state legislatures to throw out votes of the people if they do not like the election results. Elise says nothing. She supported bogus lawsuits (Texas), which was an attempt to throw out millions of votes in several states with zero facts. Even the conservative Supreme Court threw that out. She thus attacks democracy, which has led to a deterioration of the image of our democracy in the world.

It is a contest in the GOP who can say the cruelest lie of the week, Paul Gosar displayed dangerous homicidal videos; Lauren Boebert made false accusations against a fellow congresswoman; Ronny Jackson said the new variant was a Democrat-created hoax (how Joe Biden could control European reports?); and Jordan said that “real Americans” are done with COVID at a time when a new variant rages. It is a cruelty contest, and Elise says nothing.

The GOP pretends to be prolife. Its lukewarm endorsements of vaccines and rejection of vaccination mandates have contributed to thousand unnecessarily dying!

Their attacks on critical race theory and attacks on transgender athletes super-exaggerate the problems. The GOP’s vicious attacks on school boards/election officials are beyond my belief: Death threats are the GOP norm.

What if GOP tried to actually solve problems like climate change, infrastructure, child care, early childhood education? Poverty is decreased by millions by Biden’s plans — Fort Drum families have less food insecurity now — and Elise votes no on all of the above.

By endorsing election lies, sham vote recounts and voting restrictions, Elise has become the No. 1 threat to democracy in the north country. By being silent and endorsing the lies of Trump and others and failing to vote for measures to condemn cruel lies of her colleagues, she is the No. 1 threat to morality.

William Kimball


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Outstanding letter and spot on ... truthful and honest at least for the fair and open-minded who read and keep their minds open without raw partisan hatred from either side about the other side - at least in my view. — Dan Francis (Watertown)


Elise +19


Elise Stefanik, our once honest, bipartisan congresswoman.

Maybe the writer was doing that “say something nice before criticizing” but Stefanik was never honest or bipartisan. She ran her first two campaigns on repeal and replace even though she knew that would never happen because Obama would just veto. When Republicans did get a chance to do so it was a clown show.

After the new year, we’ll get names behind the communications with the WH and find out which Congressional Republicans were actively coup-plotting. It’ll be a shame if Elise was one of them. Hope she’s raising lots of money down in Mar a Lago with Individual One.

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