Our legislators must uphold the rule of law

The impeachment hearings in the U.S. Senate are a historic event. Republicans complain that House Democrats didn’t get all the witnesses they needed as they were too hasty, and impeachment is being used as a political ploy because Democrats have been out to get Donald Trump since the start of his presidency. Both statements leave out crucial facts.

Trump blocked White House witnesses with direct knowledge from testifying to the House committees! Now it’s up to the Senate to demand these witnesses and documents be presented in the Senate trial, but do Republicans have courage to find out the truth?

So many are fearful of Trump’s repercussions. Courage in the face of fear is a virtue.

To the second point, so what if some Democrats talked about impeachment way back when! Trump requested Ukraine’s president announce an investigation into Joe Biden, one of Trump’s political rivals. Ukraine’s military aid would then be released.

Requesting foreign interference in our elections is a violation of our Constitution! House Democrats had courage in fulfilling their duty to investigate and hold Trump accountable in spite of possible future political consequence.

Public servants who testified in the House hearings had nothing to gain but the president’s derogatory remarks and disparaging comments from Republican House members and pundits. It takes great courage to put oneself in the public view knowing that the president and his followers are going to denigrate and humiliate you. Would any of us have the courage to face such hateful remarks and opinions?

U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik completely ignored the president’s actions. She’s banking on her loyalty to Trump to pay off in her climb to power in the Republican Party.

These are the actions of a real opportunist! We are really suckers if we believe that Stefanik is concerned about the ordinary north country resident.

Stefanik’s newly appointed position, honorary chairwoman of Trump’s presidential campaign in New York state, is the beginning of her ascent in the Republican Party. She’ll follow the Trump Republican script, leaving us to fend for ourselves.

However, we don’t need a Trump loyalist to make us strong. We are the north country. We’ve always depended upon ourselves and the good will of our neighbors.

Let’s say goodbye to Stefanik and hello to a real north country resident, Tedra Cobb. She knows us and has the courage to stand up for us, no matter who the president is.

Cynthia Graham


Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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Holmes -- the real one

"Stefanik is banking on her loyalty to Trump"



Good letter.

hermit thrush

good letter.


The horse Stefanik picked may take her to the beauty parlor, but he won't take her to the destination she seeks.

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