Elise Stefanik has at least two personalities.

In our district, she represents herself as our ally and protector. She stages rallies to support the Blue, says she defends our environment, claims to be pro-women and tells us that she recognizes the importance of Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security to her constituents. She lauds her record securing funds for social programs like Head Start and proposes new programs to help families find child care.

It really looks like she is doing an outstanding job until you see ambitious Elise who is self-centered and self-promoting. Recently she voted against HR 4502, appropriations for the very Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security programs she claims to support. Also included was funding for worker’s compensation, mental health services, libraries and many other support program for workers, the elderly, and low- and middle-income constituents.

Also recently, Elise voted against HR 4346 funding for the Capitol Police who protected Elise during the Jan. 6 insurrection. Where is her support of the Blue?

Those brave officers and the architect of the Capitol, who was also included in the bill, are the only ones authorized by law to ask the president of the United States for assistance (not Nancy Pelosi). She voted against Biden’s bill to provide help for child care so parents could go back to work after the pandemic precautions were lifted but is quick to claim the funds as something she had secured. Her proposed bill for child care duplicates already successful programs like the Childcare Coordinating Council.

Elise’s “No one is above the law” and protestations that no Republicans have been charged with such crimes omits Donald J. Trump’ s difficulties with both rape and sexual assault and the criminal investigation into Matt Goetz for sex trafficking and molesting under-age girls.

Elise’s second side that she does not want her constituents to see is full of lies and half-truths to further her national political career.

Kathie LaBombard


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Great letter. I’m impressed by folks that follow the votes and can tie it all together like that. Elise’s interests seem to be more outside of northern NY than within it.


I dont think she's hiding a thing. She is an unapologetic party-line hack and what we think about it means little to her. We'll see how much we really care about it in the next election. After all - people get the government they deserve.

Charlie McGrath

Maybe HR 4502 was too expensive. Maybe it needs to be adjusted downward. Seemingly unlimited government spending on social programs needs to be responsible to the taxpayer. Only in Utopia is there always enough money to spend on do good projects. What we do know is that Joe Biden is unable to shield his reality. Unlike his administration he is showing his true self. It's sad to watch. The consequences for our nation are severe. The left knows it but won't see it.

Pat Luppens

Unfortunately, this how the game is played. Tell the people what they want to hear but obey the party bosses.


Yes, but you have to support her anyway because otherwise you risk denying power to an entire party of people just like her. Having the larger caucus is everything.

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