GOP is not helping folks who are struggling

In 2016, at a campaign speech in Nevada, Donald Trump said, “We won with poorly educated. I love the poorly educated.” Shocking as this was for many of us, the implication was that ignorance, that is, a lack of knowledge or information, was not a handicap to members of his voting base.

In recent statements regarding H.R.1, aka, the For the People Act, U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik seems to be relying on just such a sentiment. In a Facebook posting, Ms. Stefanik proudly asserts that she voted against H.R.1 and lists several false or misleading statements regarding the bill’s provisions without offering any support whatsoever for those statements (below in “quotes”).

For example:

H.R.1 will “Allow taxpayer funding of federal campaigns”: In fact, federal campaigns would be partially funded through a 2.7% surtax drawn from fines leveled against corporate and white collar tax cheats, not through general taxpayer funds.

H.R.1 will “Allow felons and minors to vote”: In reality, nationally incarcerated felons are not allowed to vote. However, 37 states reinstate voting rights to felons without restriction once released. H.R.1 seeks to standardize this nationally. Regarding minors, 16- to 17-year-olds may be pre-registered to vote but are enfranchised only after turning 18.

H.R.1 will “Mandate 15 days of early voting and same day registration”: Currently, 39 states plus Washington, D.C. allow early voting. In 2020, early voting began one to six weeks before Election Day. Currently, 21 states plus Washington, D.C. allow same day registration on Election day; three allow it conditionally; and 26 have pre-election deadlines varying between eight and 30 days.

Ms. Stefanik lists several other “problems” with H.R.1, and none are backed up with any information to help the reader understand the issues. She fails to mention that H.R.1 is meant to establish national standards and guidelines for voting in federal elections and attempts to rectify some of the very state-related procedural “problems” she cited when on Jan. 6, she voted to overturn the 2020 presidential election results. H.R.1 is meant to offer multiple, legitimate and legal means by which every citizen’s right to vote is ensured.

By not honestly attempting to inform her constituents about H.R.1, Ms. Stefanik is counting on us to remain ignorant about the actual content of the bill. For further information on the For the People Act, please go to:

Donald Borsh


Editor’s note: In the interest of context, here is a more complete quote of what Donald Trump said Feb. 23, 2016, following Nevada’s primary: “We won the evangelicals. We won with young. We won with old. We won with highly educated. We won with poorly educated. I love the poorly educated.”

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Thank you rep Stefanik we do agree now and then. I see you havn't forgotten corporations are people too.

Charlie McGrath

HR1 is meant to undermine each state's constitutional authority to run it's own elections. HR1 is meant to use the wisdom of 16 year old's who have recently been indoctrinated in liberalism in our schools. HR1 is meant to make it easier to commit election fraud through mass mailing ballots, ballot harvesting, no signature and identity verification. HR 1 is meant to confiscate more from those who produce wealth and give it to the government. And most of all it is meant to solidify power in the hands of the Democrats for decades.


Whats the purpose of registering 16 year olds if they can't vote? Incrementalism anyone? We already know young people with poorly developed brains are mostly liberal. Nice powerplay, dems. Grab the ex felons too, in 13 states. The whe thing is craven.


Let's hope the 16 year old's parents catch this attempt at brainwashing and recruiting in time to enlighten them. America's young must be informed about smaller government and lower taxes before registering to vote.


H.R.1 will “Allow felons and minors to vote”

Considering how many people around Trump are or probably will have felonies on their records you’d think Stefanik would be in favor they’ll probably vote illegally tho. The Guardian just reported yesterday that Jason Miller who is still working for Trump lied to a Florida court about his employment status to avoid child support payments.

Also, if a felony prevents voting, a lot of Trumpers from January 6th ain’t gonna be voting.

hermit thrush

stefanik made clear during trump's first impeachment that she will shamelessly lie about anything if she thinks it helps politically.


Isn't that the truth!



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