Let’s write in Green Party candidates in ’22

As we continue to witness the unfulfilled promises from Democratic politicians, I find it very refreshing to see that U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik stays true to her word. Rep. Stefanik advocates for taking care of her constituents, and she continues to do so.

Recently, Rep. Stefanik announced that she will be returning $4.1 million in tax money back to her district, NY-21. Not only does the congresswoman keep her promises, she is also completely transparent — a foreign concept to the Democrats.

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She broke her oath to the Constitution the day she helped spread election fraud lies and she breaks it more recently attacking the FBI. She's unfit to be in government according to the 14th Amendment.


Except that Stefanik is notorious for voting against bills that support local causes, but NEVER fails to take credit for it once they pass. How ignorant does she think we are?


William- asleep at the wheel.


Oh, please pause the praise. why'd she take it? She sold her soul. Hoping a majority will see the truth before election.


The writer fails to mention that Elise Stefanik also belongs to the party threatening to unleash mob violence on the country if Donald Trump is held accountable to the laws of our country. She herself has cast doubt on the work of the FBI and failed to denounce those in her party who are ludicrously calling for the defunding of the agency. This, despite her supposedly being a leader of the party.

Is that what I should be voting for?


More praise for doing her job.

Joseph Savoca

Recently, Rep. Stefanik announced that she will be returning $4.1 million in tax money back to her district, NY-21.

Why did she take the money in the first place?


Whether you're for or against it ...Is the author not aware of the student loan forgiveness that was Biden's campaign promise?? the Inflation Reduction Act, the American Rescue Plan, the infrastructure law, the gun law, the Chips law, the PACT burn pits act and the anti-Asian hate crimes law. He updated and reauthorized the Violence Against Women Act. .... Not a Biden fan, certainly not a Trump fan... but letters like this mean little and change nothing..

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