U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik is one of the hardest working members of Congress, and she consistently delivers time after time for the all the people of the 21st Congressional District.

For example, Elise has sponsored or co-sponsored 33 veteran and/or military family-focused pieces of legislation in this session of Congress alone. She has worked tirelessly on a bipartisan basis to find solutions to make health care more affordable (including lowering prescription drug costs) and more accessible while maintaining or increasing the quality of the care delivered. Elise also has delivered for seniors by recovering more than $2.6 million in Social Security benefits and more than $1 million in Medicare benefits, increasing the funding for family caregivers, expanding the Meals on Wheels program and working to cap out-of-pocket prescription drug costs.

She leads by example for her own health care coverage by always opting for a plan that is available to the general public and consistently turning down the taxpayer-funded option available to members of Congress. Elise is a fiscal conservative as she has never once voted to raise our taxes.

She is a strong supporter of the Second Amendment and will continue to support the rights of law-abiding citizens to own guns. Elise firmly supports Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination to the Supreme Court in order to help protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America.

She is a person of great character, principles and is best suited to represent the values of the hard-working men and women (both military and non-military), seniors and young people throughout the 21st District. She deeply cares about people and works in a bipartisan way to ensure the lives of everyone in her district are enriched through the legislation she sponsors and co-sponsors.

As a result, Elise Stefanik deserves another term as our hard-working representative in Congress in order to continue to deliver meaningful results for all of her constituents in the north country. Therefore, please cast your vote for Elise Stefanik for Congress on Nov. 3.

Scott Sargent


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I doubt Tedra Cobb can flip 38 thousand votes. That's the margin she lost by in 2018. Go Elise 2020.


Cuomo was on the ballot with her in 2018. Trump is sharing it this time. I know the True Believers think she’ll win by a bigger margin because of that. They also may have seriously considered the therapeutic benefits of injecting disinfectants, tho.

We’ll know in a week or so.


Go Elise 2020.

Yes, please go away. You’ll be happier and so will we.

Farmer Liz

I love all these letters that tout, "Stefanik works hard for the North Country," implying somehow that Tedra Cobb wouldn't. The expectation is that the representative, no matter who she is, will work hard for us, and Tedra will too. The difference is that she will not be in Trump's pocket or depend on PACS and the pharmaceutical industry to get her there or keep her there.


She leads by example for her own health care coverage by always opting for a plan that is available to the general public and consistently turning down the taxpayer-funded option available to members of Congress.

So, when ACA gets killed she’s not going to have health insurance? Yeah, right.

hermit thrush


hermit thrush

one of the most incredible aspects of gop health care policy is that their position is so ghoulish that people have a hard time believing it could really be true (but it is).



I'm sure she's a decent, hard-working person, but I prefer Democratic party policies and principles, and not the Republican policies she is working so hard for.

hermit thrush

why would you presume she's decent? look at her slimeball campaign tactics and slimeball support for trump. does a decent person participate in trump superspreader events where attendees and secret service agents get sick?


She’s working hard for Trump and Trump’s working hard for himself.

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