U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik effectively and passionately advocates for north country students, parents and teachers. She believes that the highest-quality educational opportunities should be available and academic resources should be accessible in order to allow students to achieve their full potential.

Elise has already delivered tens of millions of federal dollars back to north country colleges and universities, rural public schools, Head Start programs, and vocational schools and workforce development programs. Furthermore, Elise successfully led the effort to expand Pell Grant eligibility year-round, which promotes higher education affordability.

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Since I’m here, how much of that big government largesse that Nate’s giving her credit for bringing to the good folks back home did she vote against? Not that I’d ever call Elise a hypocrite. That’s much too mild for what she is.


“This boilerplate submitted and approved by the Stefanik for Congress campaign.”

I’m glad to hear she does her job which is what she’s being given credit for. Now, please address the coup support she provided Dear Leader and the more recent attacks on the institution of the FBI. Also, she has yet to make any comment on those in her party literally calling for the FBI to be defunded. And I’d be remiss not to mention her continued support for Carl Paladino who called for Merrick Garland’s execution.

Out of curiosity, is she still considered a moderate in today’s GOP?

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