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A few weeks ago the Watertown Daily Times ran an article where Elise Stefanik challenged Tedra Cobb to commit to a full-fledged impeachment and removal of the president instead of just supporting an inquiry.

She implied that Mrs. Cobb was being disingenuous by not taking such a stand. I would like to give a challenge to Ms. Stefanik. I challenge her to look herself in the mirror and ask herself: Is it worth my respect and dignity to support Donald Trump?

Does it go against my values to hitch my wagon to the likes of Devon Nunes and Jim Jordan, who history will judge as despicable men? Do I, as an honor graduate of Harvard University, really believe in all the Republican conspiracies? Do I believe that truth and facts matter?

Ms. Stefanik, you were totally out of parliamentary order with your outburst at ambassador Yovanovitch’s testimony. It was all political theater for an audience of one.

The rules of right and wrong have been upended by our president. He has assaulted truth time and time again. I challenge you, Ms. Stefanik, to be a profile in courage.

I quote a phrase from history: Have you no decency, Ms. Stefanik?

Mark Helmer

Brasher Falls

Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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Courage? Like going on national TV and asking fair questions that in the long run emboldens an opponent that now has more $ because the ultra left NOW all of a sudden know her Stefanik is? These letters are quite entertaining.

hermit thrush

stop the gaslighting. stefanik made a big scene by speaking when she knew she wasn't allowed to. there was nothing fair about that at all.

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