U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik speaks highly of President Donald Trump’s mishandling of the coronavirus pandemic.

Trump admitted to Bob Woodward in February the virus was “deadly stuff,” “more deadly than even your strenuous flus,” and also that he liked “playing it down because I don’t want to create a panic.” Trump definitely was “playing it down”: “It’s like a miracle. It’s going to disappear.”

After mocking governors’ efforts to contain the virus and mask-wearing as “politically correct,” after promoting discredited drugs and disinfectant treatments, after holding rallies with little social distancing or mask-wearing, Trump and more than 30 associates have now tested positive. Unabashed, Trump endangered Secret Service agents in a confined space joyride and told a nation now grieving 220,000 deaths, “Don’t be afraid of it! You’re gonna beat it!”

Tell this to those suffering from post-COVID syndrome and who now have a pre-existing condition.

Pandering to Trump’s base, Stefanik is either silent or praises his poor performance and even participated in his Tulsa rally where signs warning people to sit apart were removed. She connects herself tightly to this incompetency.

Vote for Tedra Cobb, a voice of integrity, with a commitment to protecting health care.

Ginger Storey-Welch


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Completely informed about the mortal danger posed to Americans by the Covid-19, Trump chose to pooh-pooh its seriousness. His main concern was maintaining the nation's economic health, not the welfare of his fellow Americans. Tens of thousands chose to trust the word of this awful man, and paid with their lives. Their blood is on his hands.


How hard would it have been to listen to Fauci, Birx and the experts? He could’ve looked like the leader he claims to be. He thinks he’s a leader because he’s convinced a large percentage of the country to take actions that effectively spread the virus. The GOP is a death cult.


Elise +20

hermit thrush

she is more likely to win than not, but come on, you think she's going to do that much better than last time?

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