Even though U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik has always been a Republican, many of the others party had respect for her honesty, willingness to be open to new ideas and push for bipartisanship. Now, she has become everything I want our leaders-whether they are political, business, educational or medical not to be.

I have worked with many women in the medical field, and I admire their strong, independent and honest thinking. Stefanik has become sloppy with facts, pushes false information, kowtows to one man for political power, name calls and no longer is a strong leader in the north country.

Take the issue of vaccines for the novel coronavirus, which were available in December. She sure did not lead us in encouraging us to become vaccinated. On July 11, this paper ran an editorial strongly encouraging her to get on board encouraging vaccines.

Only after this editorial did Stefanik come on board and publicly support vaccines. However, now she pushes against vaccine mandates saying they hurt “freedom” and businesses.

In reality, many businesses want mandates. In her anti-mandate push, what Stefanik does not say is crucial. Republicans are less vaccinated (90% Democrats vs 58% Republicans). With unvaccinated dying 11 times more often than the vaccinated, her policies are leading to more Americans, primarily unvaccinated Republicans, dying and billions in unnecessary medical costs.

Stefanik should lead with honor, science and facts.

She rallies her troops against raising debt ceiling, acting as if the national debt was primarily inflicted by Democrats. Of course, that is not true. Last surplus was last four years by Bill Clinton. George W. Bush increased debts by more than $3 trillion.

Yes, Barack Obama added $8 trillion in eight years. But Donald Trump, who promised to end debts within eight years, added estimates of more than $6 trillion to $7.8 trillion in four years.

Republicans promise that tax cuts will pay for themselves — they do not. Not passing increases to debt ceiling will be catastrophic as Social Security and military will not be paid.

Lead with honesty, science and facts!

Stefanik was once on the cutting edge on issues of transgender rights and climate change, but Donald does not favor them so she sure does not talk about them much.

Lead with honor, science and facts!

What Stefanik said on Jan. 6 still has zero truthful allegations. There is no evidence despite nearly a year of investigation of election fraud.

Lead with honor, science and facts!

William Kimball


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My loyal GOP friends have compartmentalized their feelings regarding Trump and other GOPers...they are Fox viewers...easily recognized by comments parroting Hannity, Savage..etc. As well they're willing to look past Trump noting they'd rather accept that than the far left liberal positions that seem to make up more of the Democratic agenda.. which will cost the Dems in upcoming elections.. ... political correctness.. pulling down historic statues..can't say Merry Christmas... changing names of ball teams... trashing comedians or hosts because of some comments made 30 years ago.. yet they can't pass a spending bill...


Stefanik is a traitor and needs prosecution.

Pat Luppens

The Republican party is now the party of Fox News,and Ted Cruz. It rules by lies, deception and voter suppression. It is a religion where to acknowledge science, facts or anything that challenges the party manifesto brings immediate retribution (i.e Cindy McCain). Integrity is equal to heresy and Ms. Stefanik is unlikely to anything to impede her climb to the top.

hermit thrush

the problem is that honor, science, and facts tell republicans things they do not want to hear.

Farmer Liz

Good letter, but don't hold your breath.

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