In a self-serving play to gain notoriety within the Republican Party, U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik continues to be used by the Trump administration as a distraction from the truth. She recently embarrassed the north country with her impish tirade against U.S. Rep. Adam Schiff, a well-respected lawyer, chair of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and one of the lead investigators in the impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump.

The main problem with Stefanik’s tantrum? She simply didn’t understand the rules of procedure. Or maybe she did and she simply didn’t care.

Either way, the halls of Congress are no place for petty and immature petulance. There’s more than enough of that taking place on Pennsylvania Avenue right now.

True to the oath he pledged, Rep. Schiff is attempting to uncover the truth about what transpired between the president of the United States and various Ukrainian leaders and, further to the point, determine whether those actions constitute any impeachable offense. Most of the other committee members are doing the same, as they should.

Simply stated, Rep. Stefanik is not. As the editorial board of the Post-Star in Glens Falls recently wrote, Stefanik is nothing more than a “loyal mouthpiece for Trump’s talking points.”

This is not simply a disservice to the north country and the people who elected her; it’s a disservice to our country. She continues to violate her oath of office and she shows no remorse for doing so.

But why? Why would an up-and-coming elected official sink to such a low? Has she been promised something by the president in return for providing a distraction?

The president is now being investigated for a possible pay-to-play scheme involving an ambassadorship that is similar to crimes committed by former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich.

As the impeachment inquiry against President Trump continues, Elise Stefanik owes the people of her district answers. Stefanik has a sullied reputation for evading the independent press and refusing to answer tough questions while openly deriding journalism as fake news.

It’s time for Elise Stefanik to sit down with journalists here in the 21st Congressional District and provide answers to the tough questions we all deserve answers to. Real ones.

Mark Bellardini


Mike Zagrobelny


The writers are chair and vice chair, respectively, of the St. Lawrence County Democratic Committee.

Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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(11) comments

Kevin Beary

Rep. Stefanik was right to have resisted Chairman Schiff's attempt to silence her. Had she acquiesced in the Democratic Party's show-hearing tactics, she would have given the hearings an air of integrity. Furthermore, submissiveness to the Democrats' abuse of power would have encouraged them to commit greater excesses.

Chairman Schiff himself is so consumed by his nihilistic compulsions that he fails to see the threat to his own position in the party that his show-trial precedent creates for him. The socialist wing of the party has already denounced him in the influential magazine Jacobin, which has virtually accused him of being a right-wing deviationist and an imperialist running dog: "Defense contractors who have given lavishly to Schiff talk openly about how tensions with Russia — which he has played a key part in fomenting — are good for business. And [defense, intelligence, and critical-infrastructure company] Parsons, which financially backed Schiff early on, personally profited from his support for the wars in Iraq and, to a lesser extent, Libya."

If the socialists in the party take complete control of it--as they most certainly will if a Democrat is elected president in 2020--deviationist Democrats like Schiff will be given short shrift by their more revolutionarily-committed comrades, using Schiff's own show-trial methods. The old line, trade-union Democrats of Massena and elsewhere in the country will also find themselves marginalized.


Is English your first language? Do you know that nothing you are writing makes any sense to people who live in the real world? Again, look at your state. Conservative areas are where everyone is on welfare or works for the state. Liberals areas have booming economies. You can write as many crazy right wing conspiracy words as you'd like to help you forget the basic realities of where you live. I would blacked out your windows and only listen to Fox and Breitbart, when has the Dennis Hastert party every mislead anyone?


This may be the worst and least informed comment ever written! I congratulate you on your ignorance. It is at levels I have never seen before. As for the article...Adam Schiff, respected lawyer. OK, enough with the letter write there.

hermit thrush

wow, the guy who claimed that california has all-time high unemployment right now (reality: it's at an all-time low) has opinions about comments being poorly informed. it's like a master class in lack of self-awareness.

(the kicker is that nice_commenter is basically right, the more liberal areas of nys are doing better economically, and the more conservative areas are more reliant on government transfers.)


You forgot to include writing about how "virile" Trump is. You know, normal analysis that doesn't tell us anything about you. People who say describing nearly morbidly-obese Trump as "virile" are NOT Larry Craig types, suggesting so is homophobic.

hermit thrush

the conspiracy lunacy is off the charts here.

it is and remains scandalous that the wdt has given this guy column space.


My conspiracy theory is that the Jacobin wing is actually a false flagged operation working for the right. When somebody stands up and says, "look at me, I'm a typical Liberal" and then says or does something incredibly stupid what's going on is incredibly obvious. Stooges, false flags, and provocateurs are all techniques you would think the more strategic thinking right would be good at, what with coming from a place of militarism and business competition. Liberals just want to build a better world.


I like the bit of humor. The part about Schiff being a "well resptectd" lawyer


My favorite part of Trump is this week we learned definitively that the world is laughing at America For electing our bloated illiterate racist president. Trump will write Stefanik’s legacy.


When you are dealing with Republicans who are so ignorant that they think the population of New York is declining (New York's population has grown by one million over the last 10 years) letters like these will not help. Simply look at Ithaca, NYC, Buffalo, Rochester, the liberal areas are thriving, the Conservative areas are dying. We are talking about a population that is so brainwashed they do not even know the world around them. Certainly Stefanik is an ant-American embarassment that is complicit in Trump's corruption, but the only way to remove the two of them is a get-out-the-vote campaign.


She's playing on Team Red and running the plays that are called. One of their plays is to break procedure in a way that looks, to those uninformed about the arcane rules, like they are being denied their due. They've been doing it over and over because the strategists are lawyers and that's what a lawyer would do at this stage of a proceeding. And because the facts aren't on their side but the jury is. Make a good show so maybe the public will really be incensed that OJ was even accused by those terrible people. Serve the interests of your client.

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