City should’ve redacted names from start

The recent column by Jerry Moore of the Watertown Daily Times (“Stefanik guilty of stolen valor,” Aug. 30) also was published in my local newspaper, The Press Republican. His criticism of U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik was well founded for her claims of foul against her Democratic opponent, Tedra Cobb. The issue involves the Military Family Stability Act and who gets credit.

Mr. Moore did an excellent factual analysis and crafted a clear presentation to his readers. The conclusion, Rep. Stefanik was at best disingenuous and at worst deliberately misrepresenting her work to her constituents.

Ms. Stefanik also is falsely presenting herself as having bipartisan credentials. A review of her actual record as set forth in gives her status a significantly different look. In 2016 during her first term in office, her ideological ranking was 227, so slightly left of center (227/435). In 2018, she was at 107, shifting 120 places to the right. And in 2019, she is at 72, evidencing a further shift to the right placing her in the top 20 percent of conservatives. Add to that that she votes with President Donald Trump — if not the most often in Congress, pretty close to it. Nonetheless, Ms. Stefanik continues to take the position that she is bipartisan. In the past, I have refrained about making negative comments about my successor as long as she was acting in a bipartisan manner, in keeping with the previous members from the 21st Congressional District such as David Martin, John McHugh and myself.

I am sure that this letter will offend some of my friends who may vote for Mr. Trump and Ms. Stefanik. Nevertheless, the facts need to be known.

William L. Owens


The writer served in the U.S. House of Representatives for the 21st Congressional District from 2009 to 2015.

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Thank you for pointing out that, while Stefanik continues to represent herself as bipartisan, her voting record indicates otherwise.

Another feature of her 21st district "leadership" that does not support her bipartisan mantra is her vicious treatment of Democratic constituents like myself. For example, her campaign materials read like manifestos, declaring war on "radical, left-wing, socialists." Excuse me, I said I was a Democrat. Don't malign me as a means of instilling fear and alarm in your base. I'm not a campaign tool. I'm your constituent.

My entire life, I have been engaged in civics and politics. Under the leadership of Stefanik, I have never felt more isolated, insignificant, used, and abused.





hermit thrush

places like canada and the scandinavian countries literally have healthier cultures than we do and that is all people like aoc are aiming for.


Yes, I can see that it would be frustrating to feel as if you a campaign prop. I've been on the other side plenty of times. Mostly, I think the radical, left wing socialists she refers to are real people and real threats. As long as your party contains the likes of AOC, Maxine Waters, Diane Feinstein, and Nany Pelosi, there will be plenty for us Republicans to be alarmed about. Their desires for this country are destructive and unhealthy for our culture. Fighting them begins with rhetoric and continues with policy opposition. I think we've gone off the rails to the left bit we'll see, I guess.


Stefanik choses to completely ignore the fact that most nursing homes are privately run facilities that contract with the State to provide a service to society. In their contracts they agree to take care of their residents. If their residents enter a hospital they agree to allow their residents to return to their home at the nursing homes when hospital care is no longer appropriate. Some nursing homes admirably fulfilled their contracts to the State and society by properly seeing that they had the proper care facilities as they had promised in their contracts. Others failed to fulfill their contractual agreement of care with the Stat and their residents. The problem nursing homes failed their people not the State. For profit?


[thumbup] Thanks for the clear and concise explanation of the problem situation caused when nursing home residents had to be hospitalized and were then discharged from the hospital but the nursing home didn't have an adequate plan in place to care for them.


Put them in the Javits Center, not a nursing home that won't even allow a healthy visitor! I can hardly believe you are serious. You must have Biden Dimentia.


Whaaaaat? Empathy, are you denying the March 25 edict from Cuomo? What does your confusion filled narrative have to do with what really happened? You don't send people sick with COVID into nursing homes regardless of a contract with the state! What idiocy!


Thanks, Bill. I’ll just add my favorite bit of partisanship by our rep: The criticism of nursing home deaths under Cuomo’s leadership. Has she had one word to say about Trump’s downplaying of the virus as recounted in Woodward’s book? If she has it’s probably just to repeat the nonsense canard that he was trying to prevent panic. As if. Otherwise, she’s probably like every other Republican who’ve suddenly become allergic to books, words, newspapers and the internet.


KR: Yessss, Dear Leader. I will send the infected ones to be with the remaining healthy ones. Cuomo: That's a good and loyal follower. You will be rewarded. KR: Thank you, Papa. You are truly great.


So, you’re good with Stefanik not doing any oversight over a Trump? You must be one of the 54% of Republicans that think 200,000 dead in the US isn’t so bad. I’ve said repeatedly that I think Cuomo’s actions should be investigated so the same mistakes aren’t made again. You won’t countenance any scrutiny of Trump, tho.

I’m a little skeptical of the DOJ investigating 4 states for nursing home deaths that all just happen to have Democratic governors. I’m sure you don’t mind. Massachusetts is not one of them despite they’re being probably the worst. Republican governor Baker is likely happy.

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