When ultimately deciding whom I will cast my ballot for in the 21st Congressional District race this year, I will cast my vote for the candidate who exemplifies what I find to be the most important virtue: integrity. To have integrity, the ideal candidate must stand up for what is right and what they believe in. They also must carry themselves with class and be a role model for our youths. Under this metric, U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik has a lot more integrity than her counterpart, Tedra Cobb.

I lose a lot of respect for Tedra when she continues to roll back and not commit to her values. Time and again, we see her say something in public and then fall back when it gets criticized. We also see her dodge hot button issues to the point that we don’t know what her true thoughts are on the matter.

We saw this firsthand when she was recorded saying she thought assault weapons should be banned but she can’t say it because she wouldn’t win. If Tedra had an ounce of integrity, she would have stood by her initial statement and defended her words. We still would have disagreed, but I wouldn’t lose respect for someone who stands for what they believe.

Rep. Stefanik has stood up for what she believes in time and again. She has backed President Donald Trump and stood strong against U.S. Rep. Adam Schiff in the impeachment hearings despite it not being the popular thing to do.

She has also taken stances on hot button issues such as gun control and Medicare. We need representatives who are comfortable in defending their viewpoints, and that’s why I’m voting for Stefanik in November.

Brodie Woodward


Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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I may have more to say later, but for now...

This kid is a fool and probably a liar.

There is NO Brodie Woodward listed in Theresa. But, not surprisingly, there is a Brodie Woodward, a recent graduate of Carthage High School - like three recent letter writers sucking up to Sleazy ELISE STEFANIK: Erika Nash, Caitlin Nash, and Cole Pacella. Elise's paid stooge, PRESTON SCAGNELLI hasn't jumped on stage - yet.

PRESTON, you may remember was paid nearly one thousand dollars for secretly recording a casual comment of Tedra Cobb, a political opponent of Sleazy Elise, which he lied about - as long as he could - during a private gathering at which he lied about his motives and and associations to gain free admission - as long as he could.

Brodie, sweetie:

How does that demonstrate "integrity" of Sleazy Elise?

Does "integrity" mean something else if you do it for a Republican?

Take your time.

I will check the truth every word you use to reply. If you dare.

There seems to be a disturbing pattern here. Three of three letters by Elise Stefanik advocates published in the WDT in the past in the last two days belong to a rather small group: Carthage High School students featuring prissy morals and a complete disregard for the actual behaviors of their adored paragon and the corrupt leader she trots after and reliably obeys with unappealing servility.


In the Alex Gault article of 5 July, the photo seems to show Elise Stefanik smirking in the lobby of the Iraqi embassy? Why is she there?

Holmes -- the real one

Does Brodie Woodward of Theresa have any idea whatsoever of what the word integrity means?

Def: "Adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty."

So, what might we reasonably expect from a person who has integrity?

They would keep their word and commitments, take responsibility, surround themselves with honest people, and maintain honesty and respectful behavior in all their dealings.

A person lacks integrity if they ignore the distinction between what is honest and what is dishonest.

Spreading falsehoods and intentionally supporting someone else who disseminates falsehoods is an example of the precise opposite of integrity.

The opposite of integrity is dishonesty, deception, duplicity. If a congressperson is focused on advancing his/her own career to the detriment of doing their job honestly, that is an example of the precise opposite of integrity.

That “opposite of integrity” thing is what defines Stefanik.

And that is Trump, the person she wholeheartedly supports.

hermit thrush



Put this article under the fiction category.

If she had integrity, she would throw Trump under the nearest bus.



hermit thrush

stefanik's conduct during the impeachment hearings was the opposite of integrity.





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