Resident appreciates satirical Trump letter

U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik’s recent call to “open the north country economy” before New York City and the rest of the country is reckless and, frankly, ignorant. Epidemiologic models show that the novel coronavirus spreads from urban population centers to the suburbs and ultimately to rural areas. Peak levels of infection in the north country are not expected for some weeks.

Returning to “normal” will have severe consequences. The economic and social disruptions we face are a concern, but they must not eclipse rigorous public health measures. The potential of severe illness and death is not theoretical.

Low-income individuals, the elderly, chronically ill and those in close-quarters such as retirement centers, nursing homes and prisons are particularly at risk. Widespread testing is needed before we can safely “restart” the economy.

Constituents of the 21st Congressional District rightfully expect our representative to work toward:

n Ensuring the availability of adequate supplies and equipment to prevent and treat COVID-19.

n Securing the public health infrastructure that is necessary to protecting our community.

n Expanding the Payroll Protection Plan to adequately support workers and small businesses.

n Pursuing genuine health care reform so that quality health care is affordable and accessible for everyone.

Where is Stefanik’s voice for our needs? It is a travesty that far too many of those we designate “essential workers,” though still working in this crisis, continue to economically struggle — underpaid and without health benefits or paid sick leave.

Rather than endangering the health of all north county residents by ignoring the risks of “opening the economy” too quickly, Rep. Stefanik should champion issues critical to the real needs of our communities: education, clean air and water, transportation, housing, prison reform, and job development. She must act wisely and without delay as our representative and not use her position for self-interested political gain.

Charles VanAnden

Saranac Lake

Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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Charlie McGrath

Chuck, in order to do all those things you think she should be doing it takes money. Where is she going to get it? Governments are broke and the credit cards are maxed. The private sector produces ALL of the wealth that the government confiscates and consumes. The private sector isn't producing much wealth being shut down. Government employees who normally get their money from the wealth that the private sector produces are still getting paid but where is the money coming from with lower tax revenues? If the private sector produces less wealth and the public sector continues to consume at it's continually increasing rate we are going to run out. Unless we substantially raise taxes on everyone the day of reckoning will be here sooner. Giving the government more money from someone else is always the solution. The economy must open soon for us to survive.

hermit thrush

this is not just wrong, but fundamentally wrong. the federal government can literally create dollars. in normal times it can't create too many of them or inflation takes off, but these are not normal times. make the money printer go brrr!

Charlie McGrath

They can "create" dollars but the dollar you have is worth less. There needs to be wealth created and that only comes from the private sector. There is no added value in any newly printed money.

hermit thrush

again, fundamentally wrong. the real world is more complicated than your simplistic model. the federal government just passed something like a $2.2 trillion stimulus package. under your model, because it's financed by making the money printer go brrr, it should cause a jump in inflation. but the empirical reality is that inflation is down, expected inflation is down, interest rates are down, the government's borrowing costs are down, etc. same deal after the great recession began twelve years ago. people at the time howled that all that stimulus spending would cause inflation. it never came close to doing so. right now we are in a much bigger hole and need a much, much bigger response.

hermit thrush

to wit, we just had our biggest drop in inflation since at least 1957.

She's back

Nicely said Mr. VanAden. I have the impression that you do now or have worked in either the medical or social planning field. One of the ongoing problems with Stephanik's representation here is that she always puts the needs and concerns of actual residents, behind the "tourists". She seems to regard the area that most of us actually live in as a big "summer camp" for people from downstate.

I am already seeing the unfamiliar faces ( i.e. tourist) at my grocery store. Some of them seem to regard the required masks as optional vacation attire. Seven people yesterday . They will come and perhaps increase our cases of Covid 19 and then leave spreading germs with their unmasked mouths all along their travels.

Holmes -- the real one

hitch your wagon to a star, Elise!

Trump's incompetent response to the US coronavirus outbreak is helping China look good

hermit thrush

good letter.

Holmes -- the real one

Good letter, Charles VanAnden of Saranac Lake.

Those who have eyes to see will surely find the clear evidence of Elise Stefanik's real allegiance during this crisis. Sadly, it is certainly NOT to the people in her district.


You forget most Elise supporters have fairly advanced Alzheimer’s. After all, Elise is saying “China is going to pay for Coronavirus”. Did Mexico pay for the wall? Of course not. I can’t believe anyone would be stupid enough to fall for the same thing twice. Must be Alzheimer’s.

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