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As a lifelong Republican and native Northern New Yorker, it pains me to see my parents’ congresswoman, Elise Stefanik, on national TV perform as a shill for the most corrupt president and administration in U.S. history.

A few national leaders had the moral compass and courage to stand up to and speak out against Sen. Joseph McCarthy 65 years ago when he disgraced the office to which the good people of Wisconsin elected him. He was represented by a young lawyer named Roy Cohn, who in advanced age mentored a young Donald J. Trump.

I sincerely hope Rep. Stefanik will read the history of that dark era of McCarthyism and the terrible stain it inflicted upon our land and alter her public performance before the long hand of history casts judgment upon her career.

Jeff Stabins

Spring Hill, Fla.

Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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Nothing-nothing matters more to Stefanik than advancing her political career- next to the Senate and then: who knows? A presidential run, perhaps? She has put her money on Trump, and the blessings he may bestow, as the catapult to launch her off the flight deck. Be careful, Ms. Stefanik; your flight may be bumpy-with a ditching all too possible.


She is...did you watch the hearings? Or maybe you couldn't get them in the basement. You know, like Adam Schiff's basement lol. Open up all the evidence, let everyone see everything. Then we can have a true investigation. Notice how the impeachment fervor is dying. Kind of like:

1. Russian collusion (special counsel!)

2. Brett kavanaugh bologna

3. North Korea (still awaiting the war)

4. Border mania! (need I say more)

5. Michael Avenatti/Stormy Daniels (no need to say more)

Beat Trump, beat him at the ballot.

Farmer Liz

Don't hold your breath. Re-election and support of this disgusting president are more important than anything else to Ms. Stefanik.

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