Paper must fact-check Cuomo’s comments

I want to commend U.S. Rep. Stefanik for calling out the Biden administration!

Let me first start by saying that I have some serious concerns about President Joe Biden’s first few weeks in office.

Consider the ridiculous amount of executive orders he signed off on.

Couple this with prioritizing Guantanamo Bay terrorists for the vaccine before our first-responders and seniors.

Then he proposed a $1.9 trillion spending bill that even Larry Summers said is triple what we actually need and will lead to an overheated economy.

We’re going to need our federal representatives to hold him and his administration accountable!

We have already seen what unchecked, one party rule power has done to New York, now we are about to see it on the national stage.

Elise has a powerful voice on the national stage, and she is using it to express the opinions of the residents in her district.

Keep up the good work, Congresswoman Stefanik!

We’re cheering you on.

Ian Clark


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I would expect a few gaffe's from this aging president but he is a sincere man who will not intentionally harm the nation.


Trump’s lawyers and the Republican senators must now confront the actual damning proof of Trump’s culpability for the attack on the Capitol January 6. They will try to close their eyes to that too. But the 56 percent majority that wants Trump convicted—that majority of the country will see it all.

That’s David Frum in The Atlantic writing about the dog’s breakfast Trump’s lawyers presented in front of the Senate. He writes that senators were looking to have a solid case presented to make it easier to justify the lack of actual impartial justice in their coming votes to let Trump off the hook.

Of course, it doesn’t matter in upstate NY. Nearly anyone with an R after their name will win election. Still, you’d think most people would want to put some distance between themselves and Dear Leader at this point. Yet, Stefanik has once again signed onto the defense effort along with Gaetz, Jordan and other great thinkers of today’s GOP. Does she realize history isn’t written by the people she’s interviewed by at Fox, OAN and Newsmax?


I want to commend U.S. Rep. Stefanik for calling out the Biden administration!

A few examples there would maybe be good in order to indicate this isn’t just blather.

I’ll note she did just congratulate Tenney on a “ hard fought win.” She congratulated Biden and Harris on being “sworn in.” That’s because she’s a petty, political creature who’s still trying to keep alive the fiction that Biden didn’t win. The writer would probably cheer that, as well.


She's not too good at holding folks accountable. She could back up and start with a guy named Trump.


Those Executive Orders were to negate the harmful and foolish Executive order by a twice impeached and mob inciting president. The Gitmmo Vaccinations orders have been put on hold and are not in effect. Biden is doing a good and efficient job as President. He is taking actions that will benefit ALL of the people, not just the cronies of the former president.

Jon Fuchi

Of course you would, unlike you I made sure I personally condemned her with a direct email for her lack of condemnation of the Trump Administration and the actions of Vanilla Isis.


You ought to stop pretending you represent 10th Mountain. Your service is appreciated. Your emblem associated with partisan attacks is not.


Indeed, you're really not supposed to do that.


I'm sure the fate of a a miniscule number of vaccine doses gets emotions all riled up. After all, as Gov Cuomo says, we only have 300000 doses in NYS for ten million people. There are now 40 detainees, 1500 guards, and 6000 residents of the naval base. The point of vaccinating people is to safeguard populations. Further, this is what you do with prisoners. You safeguard them. Review your 5Ss. But Fox is all hyperbolic about the principle so we get this. Also, "oh no, we can't have the economy overheating right now." And regarding executive orders, pot kettle black. These are needed to reverse prior executive orders and bypass obstructionism. Rephrasing of letter: our wonderful representative hopes to help ensure the current administration can fail to do what is right and needed, in service of partisan manipulation.

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