GOP is not helping folks who are struggling

Our federal representative has been identified as one of the most bipartisan members in Congress. U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik has the ability and experience to understand legislation and the good it can do in our district.

Elise has consistently worked across the aisle. And according to the Lugar Center, a bipartisan index, Rep. Stefanik has become more bipartisan year after year.

Legislation that is being pushed by the U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the majority in Congress is anything but bipartisan. Isn’t that odd for a party that is calling for unity?

On recent votes, our elected officials have only voted on party lines. This says a lot. Partisan votes mean that the party in power is not attempting to foster unity or bipartisanship but rather its political agenda.

Now before Democrats start to dismiss this fact, it is important to note that under former President Donald Trump, the House was able to pass bipartisan COVID relief. However, now partisan politics is parading around as COVID relief. Why isn’t there bipartisan outrage on this recent stimulus bill that only provides a whopping 9% for [health-related] COVID relief?

Elise keeps being a beacon for bipartisanship. Her colleagues on the other side of the isle should take note!

Molly Criscitello


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What's bipartisan about attempting to disenfranchise voters in six other states?


Stefanik = Bipartisan is pure fantasy. She is the epitome of Trumpism in which the truth is not the truth. Just ask Rudy. Stefanik is bipartisan with Stefanik. Two wrongs don't make a right.


You have to be bipartisan in the current makeup of our House of Representatives which is 219 democrat and 211 republican with 5 vacant seats. Problem with Stefanik is she got involved politically with former president Donald Trump. He came to Fort Drum with her giving her a big political boost and now he is extracting his toll by demanding she push to get our governor out of office. If it is one thing Stefanik is, it's loyal and loyalty to Trump is why she continues to attack Andy Cuomo. I'm curious what he will do to her if she tells him no more Mr Trump You are repaid. Trump is rotten and I think Stefanik knows it making her afraid to refuse his orders. She is a great rep.

hermit thrush

the difference in "bipartisanship" is that when republicans are in control, democrats are willing to go along with them for the benefit of the country. when democrats are in control, republicans will withhold their support because they think it serves their political interests to deny the other side the mantle of bipartisanship.

Melanie in WA

I caught Rep Stefanik's performance during the 1st of the 2 impeachment trials of failed former president covid-45 . She was the female version of Devon Nunes. The past 4 yrs she has been nothing but a parrot to republican lies.


Absolutely! She has no sense of decency or guiding principles. All that matters is her personal ambition She's a total disappointment as a representative.

hermit thrush


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