Time for us to face consequences of racism

With modern day politics so divided, what’s not to like about a representative in Congress who can get things done on both sides of the aisle?

Someone with the poise to take smears and diversity head on yet still get the job done and pass legislation.

That person is none other than U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik.

According to the bipartisan index produced by a study performed by the Lugar Center in Washington D.C., Rep. Stefanik came in as the 14th most bipartisan member of the 438 members of Congress.

She achieved this top 5 percent ranking by working with both Republicans and Democrats to pass meaningful legislation through the U.S. House of Representatives.

Having a representative who has Elise’s level of bipartisan support is so valuable.

Without her skill in passing bipartisan legislation, Clarkson University may not have received the $300,000 National Science Foundation Grant; the St. Lawrence Seaway Development Corp. may not have the additional $6 million in funding that Elise secured; and countless rural areas would be without the capital to go ahead with improvement projects for their towns and villages.

Bipartisan results matter, and that’s why we need Elise Stefanik in office to continue the great work she has been doing since 2015.

She has my vote.

I hope she has yours as well.

Elizabeth Brady

Sackets Harbor

Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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(10) comments

Holmes -- the real one

This is who Stefainik supports. 100%.

Is this who you support too Elizabeth Brady of Sackets Harbor?

Trump campaign runs ads with marking once used by N_azis to designate political prisoners


(Remove the underscore to use the link. This NNY360 site considers the word N___azi to be profanity. Trump considers using N___azi slogans and imagery to be OK to use against his political opponents.)

So this is what you support when you support Stefanik.

Are you still sure you think she's doing "great work"?

Do you have any idea what happened to Hitler's supporters after WWII?

keyser soze

“This NNY360 site considers the word N___azi to be profanity. Trump considers using N___azi slogans and imagery to be OK to use against his political opponents.)”

Hey RH, I ran into the same trouble yesterday when attempting to post a comment linked to a different article:


It took a couple of tries and a considerable amount of head scratching before I figured out what was going on. It wasn’t until I opted for a different spelling *Nahtzee(s) (I like yours better) I was able to post it. I included the asterisk with the idea someone might pick up on it.

So WOW… really crazy stuff going on here. Why it’s almost f_sc_st!!

In the future, so as not to offend someone’s sensitivities, when mentioning that “profane” word maybe we can use other language in its place that rhyme – like yahtzee for instance.

Or better yet, just show a picture of this guy:



You might try a dodge the Irish used during WWII. Change the pronunciation to "Nahsties". It's the thought that counts, mate.


I do! I do!

The ones that didn't hang moved to the US (or Argentina) and collected government pensions.

Farmer Liz

Stefanik always votes bipartisan when it's clear the outcome will be Republican anyway. This raises her score without betraying her King. Tedra all the way.

Holmes -- the real one

Elizabeth Brady of Sackets Harbor hasn't looked very closely at how Stefanik works.

Farmer Liz sums it up well.

It's all about appearances for Stefanik -- and don't kid yourself, Elizabeth Brady, she cares nothing about this district.She was placed up here by her Republican handlers to build up her resume. We are just a stepping stone to better things for Elise.

I'm backing Tedra Cobb who really lives here and who really cares about the district.


[thumbup] And by better things I'm sure you mean trashing the middle class.


absolutely right





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