Stefanik’s bill will help secure our schools

U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik recently introduced the Secure Every School and Protect Our Nation’s Children Act. This bill aims to strengthen the mental health resources at our nation’s schools as well as increase funding for training and preventive strategies for active shooters.

The legislation would build on a previous bill from 2018 and would be paid for using money that was approved for novel coronavirus stimulus funding but remain unused. I think it is a fantastic idea to put the unused funds to harden our schools.

These funds will allow schools to make improvements to security that will make it harder for evil and sick people to commit atrocities against our children. The funding for mental health is an important step.

The left will have you convinced that guns are the root cause of all problems. However, appropriating funds to increase mental health services at schools will actually have an effect.

It doesn’t matter how many guns are available if the real root cause, mental health, is ignored. Rep. Stefanik continues to work hard to bring about meaningful legislation that actually addresses the problems we face. I’m never disappointed in the work Elise does, and I’m proud to be represented by her.

William Creighton


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William Creighton of Plattsburgh seems to work on Stefanik's reelection campaign. Hard not to believe these positive letters are part of an orchestrated attempt of her campaign to have positive letters in the WDT.


Deflect and disarm through misdirection--that's the gist of this lame argument. Guns for mass destruction are easily purchased by 18 year olds. Wouldn't it make simple sense that, no matter what their mental status, we take proper precautions by limiting or, heaven forbid, ban accessibility? I don't believe this is a sincere argument.


A county that lives by the gun - dies by the gun.....Literally and figuratively......The people kills each other........the country's morality goes down the drain. (It already went down the drain with the BIG LIE supported by Elise Stefanik).

hermit thrush

why don't we just learn from the policies in other countries where schools aren't regularly shot up?

Farmer Liz

There are plenty of women out there with mental health issues, too. Mental health needs to be addressed, but access to guns for young, white males has let to catastrophic losses. Don't think, for one moment, that Elise Stefanik will be an active advocate for sensible gun laws, no matter how many children are murdered. And don't even get me started on "securing schools." Kids get on and off buses and are out on playgrounds.


He forgot to mention that the legislation is NRA-approved. It’s window-dressing. Is there some reason that there couldn’t be money spent on mental health AND on measures aimed at gun control like red flag laws?

Of course, she can’t do that. Chris Jacobs came out in favor of getting rid of assault weapons and had to give up his seat. Elise, being the reasonable, level-headed rep she is, has endorsed Carl Paladino who praises the leadership of the failed painter who led Germany during WWII and is famous for his racist emails about the Obamas. He also had emails with images of women doing very kinky stuff with horses. Whatever happened to family values in the GOP? That went out with Trump, I suppose. So, why care if people are slaughtered with guns if it’s going to cost you a seat in the House?

Joseph Savoca

What is the evidence that the root cause is mental health?


The author's attempt to suggest mental health is the solution is a pollyanna attempt to redirect away from the main issue... assault rifles...and access to same. Will agree securing schools is part of the solution...and appreciated...but we can't secure every public event... AR's are a tool for law enforcement and military only...

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