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I continue to be disappointed by U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik’s unwavering support of President Donald Trump. A representative’s oath of office and very first duty is to uphold the U.S. Constitution and defend our democracy from internal and external threats. It is not to defend a president whose actions on many fronts are indefensible on ethical and moral grounds.

On a daily basis, his tweets, attacks, lies and executive actions increasingly polarize our politics and erode the foundations of our democracy. He has done serious damage to our economy, to our national security and to our international standing. As a House member on key committees, Rep. Stefanik knows this yet fails in her most fundamental responsibility.

With regard to impeachment on grounds of high crimes and misdemeanors (not necessarily illegal activity), my advice to Rep. Stefanik is: Stop complaining about an impeachment process that follows House procedures and that meets Republican objections of just a few days ago; demand the administration’s full cooperation in this process. If President Trump is innocent as he proclaims to be, he has nothing to hide and no basis for continued obstruction and opposition to congressional oversight. He heads a co-equal branch of government, not an oligarchy; at the close of the House impeachment process, if you find that any of President Trump’s actions would constitute impeachable offenses were they to have been committed by President Barack Obama, then you must vote to impeach President Trump.

Doug Schongalla

Thousand Island Park

Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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Republicans who lauded the use of closed-door sessions while they were conducting the quixotic Benghazi investigation are now complaining that current impeachment hearings behind closed doors are "unfair."

It's telling that, unable to summon reasonable defenses of the president's actions, they have resorted to carping about "process."


“Serious damage to the economy.” Huh, wait. Are you referring to the United States of America? Listen, write your piece on hating stefanik...whatever, but that comment alone disqualifies the letter writer for any credibility. But elections are coming up soon so I suppose the anti stefanik rhetoric will begin...

hermit thrush

do you mean damage to credibility like the time you said joblessness in california is at an all-time high when the exact opposite turns out to be true?


Please take time to go read the post on income inequity I wrote about California and HOMELESS figures. You sir have lost your mind. I will still pray for your happiness. It seems to be lacking. But hey...Hillary and Bloomberg are about to enter the race so we have that going for us. Economically even you have to see the numbers as positive. Mr Obama felt the need to take credit for them not so long ago if you recall because things are going very well in regards to unemployment, job creation, wage increase, lower regulation and taxation, GDP, and so on. Good lord man..enjoy life for a bit.


Mr. Airball's posts exemplify a common maxim among commenters:

Never say in ten words what you can say in forty or fifty.

hermit thrush

my god.

Airball55 Oct 18, 2019 7:34am

THe income gap in California is a joke. Jobless rates at all time highs.

hermit thrush

due to trump's tariffs, 40% of all farm income is coming from federal subsidies this year.

hermit thrush

at the close of the House impeachment process, if you find that any of President Trump’s actions would constitute impeachable offenses were they to have been committed by President Barack Obama, then you must vote to impeach President Trump.

at first blush that sounds reasonable, but doug, that is not actually the way it works. there is one standard for republicans and another for democrats. what trump has done -- abusing the power of his office to exhort a foreign power to smear a domestic political rival, firing the head of the fbi to shut down an investigation into his associates, obstructing justice to interfere with that investigation -- is all way worse than anything bill clinton did. but clinton is a democrat, so republicans think it's ok to impeach him, whereas it's totally different with trump. everything makes sense once you realize that republicans are elitists who think it's their birthright to hold power.

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