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Those of us in the north country have been gifted with mountains, streams and a gorgeous lake. They are sources of recreation and spiritual sustenance — providing space to breathe, grow and honor nature. They fill us with awe and are vital to many livelihoods.

U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik wrote her website, “The environment is the economic lifeblood of the north country, and it is crucial that the right choices are made now to protect New York, the United States, and the planet for future generations.”

I was grateful for her promise to protect our natural world. If we sully its purity, can we ever get it back?

Yet with a lifetime score of 38 percent from the League of Conservation Voters, her record leaves much to be desired. In 2020 alone, she voted against clean energy and protecting the Grand Canyon and western wildernesses. If she votes against those, can we trust her as a steward of our natural space?

She also voted against the replacement of lead service lines. No level of lead is considered safe, especially for children. It accumulates in the body, cannot be removed and can result in developmental delays and neurological changes.

She also voted to cut funding for the Environmental Protection Agency. This funding is critical to ensuring the enforcement of policies protecting air, water and lands.

We need leaders who protect our planet from degradation. Rep. Stefanik needs to know how we feel about these matters. Pay attention to her votes and remember her actions come election time.

Michelle Ouellette


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Green Grace

Stefanik is too beholden to corporate interests to reliably vote for meaningful environmental measures. She even voted to allow coal mining operations to dump toxic waste into streams. How one could take that stand is beyond me. https://www.wilderness.org/articles/article/congress-voted-its-okay-dump-mine-waste-waterways#

Melanie in WA

Never listen to the words any politician speaks or printed on a web site. Judge them by their deeds. Rep. Stefaniks deeds do not seem to match her own words.

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