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I’ll begin by noting that a good morning newspaper, like good health, is never fully appreciated until it is lost. Since I begin every day by driving to the deli for my Watertown Daily Times, this lesson struck home April 28 when my trip was rendered futile by a cyberattack on our newspaper. To my delight, you were back up and printing for the April 29 edition, and I settled happily back into my morning routine.

Happily, that is, until May 1 when I was jolted out of my complacency by a piece in the North Country section about Tedra Cobb’s use of a borrowed RV on a campaign trip. It certainly doesn’t seem that borrowing a friend’s vehicle is an evil thing. But the bizarre, misleading, vicious and very transparent article tried very hard to make it seem so.

It’s intuitively obvious that the Character Assassination Team, made up of members of the Republican National Congressional Committee, the Stefanik campaign and good old Lenny Alcivar, is worried and threatened by the fact that just a wink shy of 100,000 of us here in the 21st Congressional District were fond enough of Tedra Cobb and her policies to vote for her in 2018.

Think about it; after nearly two terms of carpetbagging, U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik finally bought a house in D21. I’m not sure she’s living in it, but at least she bought it. She’s also bombarding the press with so many news releases that we can’t keep up with them.

And this sudden flurry of activity isn’t because Ms. Stefanik is concerned about constituents’ needs; it’s because she is terrified of losing the 2020 election! The NRCC took a thumping in the House last year, so naturally, the people there are very afraid of losing big again in 2020. Frightened people say and do mean and stupid things as this totally ridiculous attack so blatantly proves.

And by the way, Mr. Alcivar, the Federal Elections Commission will decide on the legalities of this issue, not you. Your condemnation is premature, prejudiced and mean-spirited. You’ve sort of become “the boy who cries wolf,” so we just pretty much ignore you.

I thank WDT for providing the space for our north country opinions.

Jerry Senecal


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Borrowing someone's RV for a campaign trip may not be an an "evil thing" but if it was used to defray campaign costs it's use essential becomes an in-kind contribution and probably should have been reported as such.


I doubt the FEC would rule this as as "in-kind contribution." Her expenses for gas and such would legally required regardless of the vehicle... even campaign rentals are reported - a friend's car, truck or RV probably not. Does Ms. Stefanik have a G-car (I wonder)?


Added and answering my question about members leasing cars - taxpayer's expense, too, BTW: Congessional House Vehicle Lease Policy,

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