U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik recently secured more than $33 million in U.S. Department of Health and Human Services funding for our north country hospitals. This means the world to our community, knowing we have a leader at the helm who recognizes the importance of our hospital staff and health care workers.

As a nurse practitioner on the frontline of this pandemic, I understand what it takes to fight this virus head on. The fact that Rep. Stefanik is willing to move mountains to ensure our safety and the safety of the north country is a genuine reminder of who she is. Our frontline workers need the support of all of our legislators, and Rep. Stefanik time and time again is setting the example.

Even prior to this enormous funding win for the north country, Rep. Stefanik’s mission objective was to ensure our safety and success. Stefanik’s M.O. was apparent from the beginning when she played a pivotal role in keeping our resources when Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced an incomprehensible redistribution plan for our ventilators and equipment, which would have surely led to a districtwide shortage. I can’t even imagine how our district would have dealt with this order knowing we are already limited in resources.

Rep. Stefanik’s work has greatly impacted the district, and she will continue to secure NY-21. Great job, Rep. Stefanik! You’re saving lives.

Rita Curran


The writer represents District 15 on the St. Lawrence County Board of Legislators.

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hermit thrush

... when Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced an incomprehensible redistribution plan for our ventilators and equipment, which would have surely led to a districtwide shortage.

what planet is rita curran on? unless she thinks the crisis is going to get much worse again, the way it's played out has showed that there wouldn't have been any "districtwide shortage[s]," since the curve-flattening measures have worked. she is just indulging in mindless fearmongering, much like her previous work in the islamophobia sector.


Rita, I don't think you mentioned Stefanik enough time.

Holmes -- the real one

Baxter -- We should probably just blame the form letter she copied.

Charlie McGrath

What a bunch of pathetic, blind haters.

hermit thrush

always interesting to hear about blind hatred from the why-is-birtherism-racist guy.


Trump was messing with adult film star Stormi Daniels while his third wife was pregnant. Republicans call themselves “The Family Values Party”.

When did Conservatives decide they had no sense of decency? “Haters”? Incredible. Grow up, that’s a word 11 year old girls use.


The writer has a really narrow definition of community, particularly in this time of crisis. It's unfortunate that someone involved in health care would actively oppose helping other health professionals to save lives ... NY lives .... This mean-spirited attitude towards others is disturbing.

Holmes -- the real one

Actually, she is more than mean-spirited. She's willing to make her prejudices clear in order to incite hatred and division.

It's likely that she opposed assisting NYC because there might be some Muslims living there.


Thank you for the clarification.

Farmer Liz

Let us not forget that during its height, Cuomo was trying to save thousands of lives downstate. We had ventilators sitting idle, and he was trying to bring a tiny percentage downstate where they were needed. While many had mixed feelings about this, surely the families of the patients were not. Stefanik helps the North Country when it helps HER.

Holmes -- the real one

When there is a crisis, normal people want to do all they can to help.

Most folks here were more than willing to send what we could downstate where it was needed.

Stefanik, ever divisive and self=seeking, opposed this.

If she was really trying to save lives why would she wholeheartedly support someone who cares nothing for human life? But yup, there Stefanik is, cheering on the guy who says, "I take no responsibility."

Stefanik has her eye focused on her political future. Does anyone really believe that she has any loyalty to our little district? She was installed here to build her reputation and portfolio so she could move on to Washington, nothing more.

Stefanik helps the North Country ONLY when it helps her.


curran is a sick joke like lapierre. the north country is getting worse and worse. Unless this country gets a grip on it's moral compass I hope my grandchildren consider moving to a better country.

Holmes -- the real one

Not so long ago, Rita Curran, Republican, was in the news:

St. Lawrence County legislator facing calls to resign over Facebook post

"The protesters are expected to demand that Curran resign. Curran is in hot water after sharing a picture on Facebook of the terrorist attacks on the world trade center in New York City on September 11, 2001.

The post shows one of the planes hitting the twin towers along with text reading, “Every time a Muslim stands up in Congress and tells us they are going to change the Constitution, impeach the president, or vote for socialism, remember you swore you would never forget. They swore they would destroy us from within.” "



Ya lapierre pulled a similar stunt and the wrong wing clowns in the town of fowler treated him like a hero. Disgusting what this country is putting up with.

Holmes -- the real one

Personally, I bite my thumb at both of them.


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