Our region with its tough winters creates additional wear and tear on our infrastructure.

There are many problems to address and not nearly enough money to fix them all.

However, U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik and her recent announcement of $2.5 million in grant funding from the Northern Border Regional Commission will begin the process of fixing some of our most pressing needs.

The largest projects will be all over Clinton County and will include expanding and repairing roads with bike lanes, a stormwater system, and a sewer and water main system.

Rouses Point and Wilmington will get additional funding to create separate wastewater treatment facilities. Furthermore, in Elizabethtown, the funding will go to making the existing trails more accessible and revitalizing its downtown. These are all huge projects for our area and will spur future development and create jobs in the future.

Thank you, Elise Stefanik, for your great job representing us in Washington. I have linked an article to one example of this grant money being put to good use in Lake George:

Scott A. Sartwell


Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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Is that a misprint?? $2.5 million?? For all those projects? Maybey $25 million? Or more realistically $2,5 billion for all the stated infrastucture projects?


So, it will be easy for seasonal residents to visit their second homes in the Adirondacks. Excellent priorities.


Well done Elise...the partisan comments on here aside, this is a good thing for the Plattsburgh region. Elise just keeps rolling along!

Holmes -- the real one

When I was growing up I remember hearing some people talking about what they termed as a "humane bomb."

People were pretty horrified by Hiroshima, so instead stupidly they focused on ideas of "eliminating our enemies while leaving the infrastructure intact."

Gosh, it seems that Elise is on the same track. Oppose health care and focus on infrastructure.




As she takes away health care for thousands. What a gal.



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