Stefanik should apply the advice in editorial

“Let’s return to civility” and provide some leadership at the same time. The Nov. 5 editorial in the Watertown Daily Times was a lesson in both. Thank you.

Many of us are so tired of the lack of leadership and the extreme partisan bickering among members of both of our most prominent political parties. As your editorial pointed out in the recent case of Martha Foley Smith’s using her St. Lawrence University provided email system to electioneer was a mistake. For Elise Stefanik, our congressional representative, to use it to call to defund NPR is extreme. NCPR is already audited as a 501(c)3, and it is a matter of public record readily available on its website.

We need the Watertown Daily Times to stand up to this kind of extreme partisanship and point out the negatives even when it might not be popular. The 21st Congressional District gave our representative a huge margin of victory, and what she says carries weight with those voters. Those same voters would listen to a more reasoned approach to recent issues. Our representative should take your recent example to heart and apply it to so many other critical issues of the day.

Steve Pierce

Adams Center

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The GOP can’t even be civil to members of their party who voted for infrastructure. I trust the WDT to call out Elise Stefanik when she starts taking credit for infrastructure spending she voted against. The needs broadband internet in upstate NY anyway?


It’s not Elise’s fault she has this affliction that causes her to say socialist over and over again like a parrot. And voting against censuring Gosar for his anime killing of AOC is simply because she’s such a strong advocate of free speech. And when incitement of violence causes violence she’ll have some whataboutist excuse then, too. She’s what passes for a leader in the GOP. It’s a tossup who’s the most feckless: McCarthy, Stefanik or Scalise. Doesn’t matter anyway since Il Mango Duce is still the leader of the pack until they can all muster the courage to say he lost and put down the conspiracy theories.

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