Trump hurts 1st Amendment with attacks

I write to U.S. Elise Stefanik each time that we as a nation experience tragic events with the hope that she might join with her fellow members of Congress to change the sad narrative that is unfolding throughout this country.

I’m hopeful that the horrific acts in Gilroy, Calif.; El Paso, Texas; and Dayton, Ohio might prompt her to address the two cancers eating away at American society: gun violence and racial/social intolerance.

The two are sadly linked, and divisiveness is even fostered by the current Administration.

One of Stefanik’s colleagues in the U.S. Senate indicated that there are many good ideas out there to address the problems.

But regretfully, there is no political expediency to act on effecting a change under the guise that we might infringe on the First and Second Amendments rights.

The founding fathers certainly did not envision the unrest and damage to our American union that is resulting from the misguided interpretation of these rights.

She should not dust off the “thoughts and prayers” rhetoric that has become a meaningless response from her office.

She should use the above crisis to effect congressional change and protections for all Americans whether in schools, community events or shopping.

George Trejos

Hannawa Falls

Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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hermit thrush

to airball55: if you would love to see new gun laws then voting for elise is the opposite of what you should be doing. i mean, maybe you genuinely do think our access to guns should be similar to that in countries like canada and the u.k., and you are just confused about which candidates will get us closer to that and which won't. that is possible. i don't mean that every single elise voter doesn't really gun violence, but what i said is very true in the large.

if you look at chicago and baltimore, then you will find that they are plagued by tons obtained in places where the gun laws are relatively lax. restricting access to guns all throughout the country obviously won't solve all the problems in these cities, but it would still be a big help. the rate of gun violence in canada isn't a sixth of what it is here because the canadians writ large are six times better people.

hermit thrush

*... doesn't really care about gun violence...

*... tons of guns obtained...

hermit thrush

the sentiment in the letter is nice, but the reality is that elise's voters don't really care about gun violence or racial/social intolerance, and therefore elise doesn't either. politicians are ultimately vessels for their voters.


Such hogwash. I voted for Elise. I care about gun violence and violence in general. Elise also cares. I wonder where the intolerance truly lies...not a good week in Chicago again. Your generalization is false. As usual.

hermit thrush

sorry but no. unfortunately you're exactly the kind of person i'm talking about. read my comment again. i chose my words carefully. i didn't say people like you don't care at all about gun violence (also nice that you omitted the racial/social intolerance part). i have no doubt that you and stefanik care in the sense that you are saddened and/or otherwise emotionally affected by the violence. i have no doubt that you and stefanik genuinely wish there was less violence. the problem is that you're not actually willing to do anything about it. or more precisely, people like elise (i won't pretend to know exactly what the line of thought is with you in particular) are always latching on to this or that transparent excuse for our violence problem (video games! mental health!), instead of facing up to the one thing which has actually been shown to work the world over: restricting access to guns. it's always something, anything, instead of guns. and so the slaughter continues. that's the difference between caring and really caring.


More hogwash. First rate hogwash. I would love to see new gun laws. But again, they don't shoot by themselves. Mr. Obama has plenty of chances to address this as did Mr. Owens. They didn't. Its an issue deeper than just the gun. Look at Chicago. Look at Baltimore. We have a lot to take care of in places like that. Real investment in infrastructure and real education. Also, nice try on the race bait again up there. What are you doing to address the situation?

As we finish up the most peaceful time in our history, we also have to address what is different. News coverage. Twitter. Gotcha journalism. I will not judge whether you have done anything to address the "problems" or if you just talk. I won't stoop to that and I think you generally care about your fellow man...unless they are Elise voters...

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