Article portrayed harmful addiction roots

Elise Stefanik: Nancy Pelosi is to blame for the Jan. 6 riot?

You must not have watched the testimony of the four officers. Heartbreaking.

How long will you follow the road of madmen like Donald Trump andJim Jordan? You have wandered down the path of insanity for your own purposes.

Come back! Stop drinking the purple Kool-Aid of lies.

Edward Anderson


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Pat Luppens

Rep. Stefanik has been raised from birth to be a soldier in the Reagan Revolution. A revolution whose purpose is to replace our democratic form of government with an Oligarchy. A government by the very rich. It would never occur to her to deviate from the party line. She is one of thousands, tens of thousands, raised in this way over the last 40 years. As millions of voters are carefully pared from the rolls, the Reagan Revolution will attain final victory in 2022.

hermit thrush

i am always puzzled by the people who think that somewhere inside elise resides a good person who will eventually "snap out of it" and come to regret what a disgrace she has become. i would encourage everyone to consider that she is simply rotten to the core!


I’ve never been a fan of Elise Stefanik’s, but I’m sad to see anyone become what she has. I’m guessing someday she’ll come to realize what she’s doing and be haunted by guilt. Or worse, never realize and just continue down this McCarthyist road. Joe, not Kevin.


We, her constituents, must want a Representative who speaks lies and nonsense. What does that tell the world about us?


She's following the current day Jim Jones (Don-the-Con) down the path of destruction - destruction to our democracy, the American people, and yes, even to her and her proginy. She bears 'false witness".


She full well know whose fault it was but the truth doesn't play well in Mar-A-Lago. That's the only constituent on her list.

Farmer Liz

Stefanik isn't drinking the Kool-Aid. She's serving it.

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