I would just like to mention that the ads that U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik is running tell us how bipartisan she is, and I cannot help but remember the impeachment hearings when she was insulting the patriots who were testifying and how embarrassed I was for our upstate area.

All she was trying to do was protect her hero, President Donald Trump, which is her choice. But she should not claim to be so bipartisan.

Howard Phillips

Adams Center

Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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KR...those deaths begin with the decisions made by the governor of NY state. Make no mistake. I will tell you this...I am a Stefanik person through and through. She works harder than any politician I have ever known, Democrat or Republican. If Cobb pulls off the upset of the century, then, the people have SPOKEN and I will support her and hope she works to recovering a once great state. That's the way it works. Elections are what makes us great. Whomever wins, I will always support. Until they don't deserve it in my eyes. But...I won't be online making things worse day by day by attacking someone simply because they don't belong to the party of choice that day. Win...then get the job done. I don't see it...Stefanik +17-20 and I would love to see her run for governor.


Thank you for that reminder. Great letter!


I believe she is accurately portraying her voting record and willingness to work "across the aisle", not whether or not she will speak up IN DEFENSE of her president during a sham impeachment. As a contrast, let's juxtapose her against Kam Harris, who was a vehement questioner of Judge, now Justice Kavenaugh. Brutal ATTACK tactics were her style, yet the Fake News slobbered. As we've now learned, Kam is THE most liberal Senator, by voting record. It seems that the Democrats who purport to want more women in Congress only want one variety.


Your post is accurate. Her voting record proves it. She even voted for the post office money. I find it fascinating how ignorant party loyalists are. Even USAToday... a massive leftist paper acknowledged her voting record. As for her defense of Trump...what wasn't true in regards to collusion? But...as has been the past four years a different issue/controversy will be contrived. Trump has his faults, no doubt, but Stefanik wasn't defending him. She was attacking the collusion charge and Schiff...also easy targets. Face it...she is a star and future possibility for a much higher office. We have been lucky to have her.


Face it...she is a star and future possibility for a much higher office.

A bold prediction. Seems like a lot of things might possibly go wrong. Starting with a loss in November. It is a possibility despite the best predictive minds of anonymous rightwing commenters. Also, there is a possibility Trump’s presidency will not be viewed favorably by history. The anniversary of 9/11 is in a week. That was a big deal once upon a time. Right now from coronavirus we are over the death toll of sixty 9/11s. We have more than three times the deaths incurred in Vietnam in 5 months. I realize 54% or so of Republicans think a couple hundred thousand deaths from this is no big deal. At some point, as history is written and facts come to light the performance of Trump trying to lie away a virus may not look so good. At that point, Elise Stefanik will still be known as an enabler and supporter.

Also, how do you justify calling USAToday a “massive leftist” paper? Whatever that means.


We'll see about these predictions of Elise's doom, Nostrodamus, Jr. USA Today is fairly massive and it is well left of center in its editorial orientation, which seems different than when it first came on to the scene.


Short but to the point.

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