Watertown must be prepared for blackout

It has been a year since some of our fellow citizens were duped into believing a myth perpetrated on them that our elections were not legitimate. These individuals led by then-political leaders were encouraged to cause harm and damage on our Capitol and political leadership not aligned with the then-president.

It is time that we ask Elise Stefanik what she knew about this action and if she encouraged and supported any of these factions. Releasing her text messages, emails and phone records would go a long way in assuring the 21st Congressional District her honesty and integrity concerning this event. I would welcome the release of these communications by Ms. Stefanik.

If she supported these individuals, she should be proud of her action. If not, she should welcome the opportunity to exonerate herself.

Doing nothing is just an action of a coward. So I encourage everyone to request that our NY21 representative speak up and let us know where she stood.

Jim Novotny


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Simple question to the ownership and editorial board of the WDT: Knowing all we now know on the anniversary of the Insurrection - Do you endorse Rep. Stefanik to return to Washington? Why or why not??? Pretty simple question.


I just see a news story about how Trump has turned on Hannity over the texts he sent saying Trump had to stop saying the election was stolen. If there’s any justice the Big Lie will end up destroying the Republican Party.


What’s also cowardly is not coming out and saying one way or the other whether she believes Biden actually won or if Trump was cheated. She’s doing a great job of having it both ways as she jets off to Mar a Lago for high-priced fundraisers.

Maybe if she actually deigns to debate her eventual Democratic opponent or talks to any media based in Northern NY she’ll be forced to answer. I hope the WDT will take her lack of transparency into account when endorsing a rep to Congress this fall.


Chance of Stefanik releasing her records are less than zero.... they can't even get politicians with Federal subpoenas to testify ... and they now want Sean Hannity to volunteer to testify?? Good luck...


I agree that Stefanik should be released - released from pretending to be our representative. She has not done a single thing for the North Country in a long time This past year she has ignored the plight of covid related issues in NY 21 but instead promoted THE BIG LIE. President Biden won the election fair and square. Her stance and tactics are contrary to democracy.


She was actively perpetuating a lie one year ago today. I, too, would like to know her truth. But I'm not holding my breath. I'm sure she has an excuse.

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