New gun laws will not affect mass shootings

Elise Stefanik is a loyal supporter of Donald Trump.

Regardless of what he does or says, she remains there by his side.

Donald Trump was pals and partied with Jeffrey Epstein — still loyal.

Said he had no knowledge of the payment made to Stormy Daniels — still loyal.

Has great admiration for Vladimir Putin — still loyal.

Separated migrant parents from their children at the border — still loyal.

Said the novel coronavirus is equivalent to the flu and was under control — still loyal.

Suggested injecting disinfectants to prevent COVID-19 — still loyal.

Held large gatherings with few masks and little social distancing — still loyal.

Often refused to condemn white supremacists — still loyal.

Tried to get Georgia’s secretary of state to find votes for him — still loyal.

Said he won the 2020 election — still loyal.

Incited the insurrection on the U.S. Capitol causing death — still loyal.

I believe the time has come for Elise Stefanik to rethink her loyalty.

Linda Gibson


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Precise letter and to the point. Of course the voters of NY21 have to take some responsibility. At least a majority of them are still loyal to Stefanik and Trump. That is still TOO BAD.


Never happen.. .. there're very few McCain type politicians on either side ... that's why he had so much respect...


He just was on Laura Ingraham telling us all how the rioters were “hugging and kissing” the police on January 6th, too. Darn my lying eyes!


Obviously someone from the demo party called you up and asked, "Would you please write an LTE opposed to Elise? Fit her loyalty to Trump in, if you can." Repetitive and poorly written.


There's nothing for her to rethink. That's unapologetically who she is. The voters of NY 21 are the ones who should be doing the rethinking.

hermit thrush

good letter.


Rep Stefanik is wise enough to know do not cross Donald Trump. Politics is a mean sport and to stay alive one must be well versed in political science. Your letter tells me you most likely vote democrat and would not approve of Congresswoman Stefanik if she sent you xmas presents. Please don't associate Donald Trumps activities with this fine lady from Schuylerville.

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