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U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik has been asked consistently for months now to let her constituents know whether she has gotten the vaccination for COVID-19 and/or at least lend strong support for her constituents to do so. Such support may well save lives. In checking with her offices this afternoon, it appears that Ms. Stefanik remains unwilling to do all that much.

There is an increasing number of Republican leaders who are now releasing reports of getting vaccinated and who are encouraging their fellow Republicans to follow suit. This is a welcome turn of events; these leaders, including Ms. Stefanik’s colleague Steve Scalise, are beginning to recognize how severe the Delta variant of the novel coronavirus is, accounting for 98% of current hospitalizations. The recent spike our nation is experiencing is inordinately high in predominantly Republican areas. Like New York’s 21st Congressional District.

So many of us had hoped that, by now, with the many other Republican voices finally changing course and encouraging people to get vaccinated, Rep. Stefanik might have been willing to lend her voice and become part of the solution instead of remaining part of the problem. Unfortunately, a call to her Watertown office today indicated that she is still not willing to endorse science and concern for her constituents, over conspiracy and political expediency.

Not surprising. But very discouraging.

Leo Burger


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She recently came out with some lip service telling people to get vaccinated. I was willing to give her some credit for even doing that.

Today, she put up a tweet, “FIRE FAUCI!” That’s it. So, I guess she’s trying to walk back her mild call for vaxxing?

If Biden needs cognitive testing, I’d say our rep oughta be up next. The insanity of Nancy caused January 6th alone. Wait’ll they get to describing Trump’s day on 1/6.

hermit thrush

the gop has devolved into a death cult.


Until the GOPer's realize they can't separate their policies from Trump's character they'll struggle daily with making excuses for his actions...and lies.. It won't be about policies.....sad..


But, like the Insurrection, it will be Speaker Pelosi's fault that she won't answer a simple question.

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