Tenney has betrayed vets, military families

While the world looks to the coming Winter Olympics in Beijing, it is reminiscent of the 1936 Olympics in Munich. While everyone will be busy rooting for their favorite athlete or sport, the Chinese communists will be busy silencing another journalist or “re-educating” another Muslim or Christian.

We also must remember the role China actively played in the pandemic, from silencing journalists who spoke out to actually claiming the virus originated in the United States. And let’s not forget China’s hostile attitude and actions toward Taiwan when it routinely flies military aircraft into Taiwanese airspace and wishes to occupy Taiwan’s islands by the anniversary of its Communist Party.

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Farmer Liz

I would love to hear Elise speak out against the racism being directed at Asian Americans, many of which have resulted in attacks on innocent people. Her rhetoric only encourages the "blame theory" of her puppeteer - you know, the one whose rhetoric incited folks to storm the Capitol. Her silence on the issue of bigotry can be heard loud and clear.

She's back

Want to look into how covid became so bad in the USA let's explore:

Look at the timeline of Trump's responses to the CoV2 virus since it had been FIRST announced by China and then by the W.H.O.

HOW many times did Trump say " it will go away ... like a miracle", how many times did he lie that " we have it under control", and how he praised the Chineese president for doing a great job "handling the disease"????


China and the US share some similar values. China thinks it has manisfest destiny in Asia and the US thought it had manifest destiny in the "Americas" and still thinks it does in some quarters. Stefanik thinks she has manifest destiny ijn politics and lies to get try to accomplaish that aim. She's been a carpetbagger from the get-go. By the way, the "Americas" were named after an Italian - Americo Vespucci. He mapped it out and put his name on it. The Pope thought he had manifest destiny and "gave" Brazil to Portugal and the rest to Spain.

Joseph Savoca

I, for one, don't want to be held accountable for the evil that I have reaped.

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