Greatest Generation has lesson for Stefanik

As the former assistant division commander of the 10th Mountain Division from 1993 to 1996, I want to express my disgust with the positions Elise Stefanik has taken in support of Donald Trump.

I was an early supporter and personal friend of her campaign and introduced her to many of you in the north country. She presented herself as an intelligent, moderate politician willing to work across the political divide.

I now apologize for believing this. She has proven herself to be a supporter of extreme division in this country who supported throwing out 7 million legitimate votes to give Trump an illegal win. She should follow Trump out of office now.

Michael Dallas

Williamsburg, Va.

The writer, a retired colonel in the U.S. Army, is a former assistant division commander for the 10th Mountain Division at Fort Drum.

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I don't think this fella's words would help Tedra Cobb in a replay in 2022. We republicans realize we have to expect pot shots at our star who is entering her 4th straight term in congress. I think you are going to see Elise Stefanik support Joe Biden. She knows what is politically wise for her.


Tedra is not running again. Pot shots are earned not given from a retired 10th Mtn Division leader.


Thank you for your service and your statement on Elise Stefanik. It is frightening to think our representative would try to take legal votes from a fairly elected President.


Great letter. Thank you for your service and willingness to speak up.

She's back

Dear Colonel Dallas, Thank you for your letter I hope that Elise sees it as well.Did you send her a copy ?

Like you I have become increasingly dismayed as Stefanik has become more "radicalized" by her devotion to Trump in an attempt to further her political ambitions. When I voted for her in her first term ( never since) as I also had hoped she could be a moderating influence on the more extreme members of her party in Congress. Unfortunately she went from "hanging out" with sensible moderate such as Paul Ryan to copying the Loud aggressive styles of a Jim Jordan or Matt Gaetz.

Her demeanor and rhetoric have become so aggressive and her willingness to stretch the "alternative" facts is disgusting. YEs I am ashamed to say I voted for her ,once, those years ago and I am a registerd Democrat or as Elise would call me these days....."a far left socialist, Communist, Cannibalistic Satan worshiper".

I assure you neither I nor any Democrat I have ever met fit Stefanik's new view of politics


Thank you for your service.

Tomorrow, Congresswoman Elise Stefanik and Vice-President Mike Pence will visit Fort Drum to jointly thank the troops.

Suppose you were still stationed at Fort Drum, and a witness to their joint appearance. What would be going through your mind?

hermit thrush



True comments colonel... well written.. the challenge is once some electorates drink the POTUS cool aid... no amount of rational discussion will change their minds.. Responses to your letter will confirm this... stay tuned..... if POTUS claims he won by a landslide...he won... despite being able to provide proof. Thank you for your service and rational comments..

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