White House weakening NEPA protections

U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik has led the way in Congress with education reform. Elise helped pass the Every Student Succeeds Act.

This act gave local areas more control over their students’ education and reduced the negative effects of Common Core. This act also changed the No Child Left Behind policy and reformed K-12 education to make it more tailored on the local level and away from people in Washington who don’t know our students in the same way that we do.

Rep. Stefanik has been an advocate in making Pell Grants year round. She also is trying to extend the Perkins loan program, increasing access to low-income families. Elise knows that education is the pathway to opportunity and a better way of life for students and their future families.

Elise gives a lot of support to our higher education institutions. She believes we should be involved in forming relationships between our local businesses and schools.

Our congresswoman also knows that a four-year degree is not the path for everyone. She understands that trade school is a viable alternative. Trade school leads to many important jobs here in the north country that are in dire need right now.

Elise has fought for increased access to education and is dedicated to making college more affordable. I will be supporting Elise this year because of her commitment to education and job training.

Maggie Fredenburg


Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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This letter deserves commendation for addressing the kinds of things relevant to a United States Representative rather than focusing on our representative's opinions about state law. That said, what exactly is the plan for making education (and vocational training) affordable? She's for it!


Will these spell grants work at Trump University? Oh, that’s right, it was the fraudulent University our President ran. Betsy Devos is our millionaire Heiress Secretary of Education, a woman who has never had a job in her whole life. Stefanik supports Betsy Devos. Republicans want you dumb, forget they said they were the “family values party”, don’t look at what policies actually cause the national debt, don’t look at what actually prevents abortion. Republicans for education is a sad joke.

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