Representing the needs and wants of constituents of various political persuasions in a district as large as the 21st Congressional District can be challenging. U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik has certainly met those challenges as demonstrated by the bipartisan support she received in every one of the 12 counties in the 21st Congressional District who chose to vote for her over her opponent. Why did she receive so much support?

Elise has always worked to create or support legislation beneficial to her constituents. She has sought funding for programs to improve the health and economic well-being of all in her district. Perhaps just as important as “bringing home the bacon,” Elise treats her constituents with respect.

Elise respects the fact that many of her constituents are hardworking, intelligent, patriotic, rural Americans who are trying to pay their mortgages, run their farms, keep their businesses afloat, put food on the table and protect their families in this new “defund the police” world.

Elise respects the concerns many of her constituents have about the legitimacy of the 2020 election. She condemned the Jan. 6 assault on Capitol Hill by a small number of troublemakers but did not paint all who came to peacefully protest with the same brush.

Ten years ago — Feb. 17, 2011 to be exact — Speaker Nancy Pelosi tweeted her support for the unionists who stormed the Wisconsin state Capitol in an attempt to block a vote on collective bargaining reform. Even though demonstrators entered the state Capitol by breaking down doors and shattering windows, Pelosi tweeted, “I stand with the students & workers of -WI, impressive show of democracy in action.” Speaker Pelosi never disappoints in her display of political bias and hypocrisy.

Former President Donald Trump received bipartisan support from the majority of voters in the 21st Congressional District. Trump supporters have been ridiculed and labeled by some as illiterate, un-American, homophobic, misogynic and racists who need to be “deprogrammed.”

Isn’t it interesting that those who ridicule Trump supporters are mum on the past Antifa riots, destruction of businesses, government property and private property in Portland and Seattle?

Elise not only works hard on behalf of her constituents; she treats all with respect.

Nancy Foster


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I, for one of her constituents, feel not only disrespected but misrepresented by Ms. Stefanik.


Stefanik will show you her positives a few months pre-election and you will be impressed. It's to much to say she treats everyone the same but she IMO has attained the slogan, professional.


Speaking from personal experience as well as having eyes and ears and observing her actions and words in the public sphere - in print, on TV, and in person, it is totally false to say she treats all of her constituents with respect. Totally false.


No, its not.


If Pelosi or Schiff or AOC or Romney or Pence or Schumer or a lot of other congresspeople had fallen into the hands of the terrorists on January 6th they could very well have been killed. I wonder if that bothers her when she’s writing her whataboutist absolutions for Trump and Stefanik.


As I've said before, this was the most inept group of "invaders" I've ever seen. If they had the means or wanted to do orchestrated personal harm to the extent that Pelosi or Schumer "fell into the hands of the terrorists", it might have happened. This was a mob of nuts who had an ill thought plan that did not work. So enough hyperbole about about Trump, Elise, and history.


People aren’t prosecuted based on the success or failure of their crimes. Some were pretenders and some weren’t.

A former U.S. Navy intelligence officer and FBI official from Virginia has emerged as a “key figure” in the federal investigation of the Jan. 6 Capitol breach, as U.S. prosecutors alleged Thursday that he organized a group of trained fighters and was in contact with self-styled militia groups including the Proud Boys, Oath Keepers and Three Percenters.Washington Post

If you want to just forget it ever happened because it makes your “team” look bad you have the right to look the other way like GOP senators who don’t even attend the impeachment.


Every one of those terrorists were at the Capitol because Trump told them to be there.


So enough hyperbole about about Trump, Elise, and history.

The history will be written without the whataboutism, false equivalencies and all the other logical fallacies the Trump loyalists are using to defend him. Also, he’s going to be facing around 30 lawsuits in which the juries are not rigged like the Senate is. And he’s probably going to have the same level of legal representation he has now. When a client doesn’t listen to their lawyer or pay them and gives the law firm a world-class black eye by association it’s hard to find good attorneys. 😢


One of my “needs” is to live in a democracy. Stefanik is not doing such a great job of defending it. Also, I’m pretty sure that whataboutist Pelosi story has God knows how many inaccuracies.

I thought Trump supporters were proud of being ignorant, salt of the earth, gut knowledge types. Here’s a heads up for the ones who invaded the Capitol at the urging of Trump and Trump media with the support cast in the Republican Congress. You’re going to jail for doing what Trump and his minions brainwashed you into doing. Trump’s not going to jail. He’s going to enjoy his gaudy residence at Mara Lago with his overcooked steaks and lots of golf. And all those Republicans in Congress are going to make sure Trump never pays any price for instigating the attack. Yeah, Trump supporters aren’t dumb, tho. Some are starting to catch on.

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