A person who calls people names is a bully. We have heard President Donald Trump malign everyone who does not agree with him. He gives his opponents monikers like “crooked” and “sleepy.”

Melania Trump decided to have an anti-bullying platform as first lady. Anything she says against bullying seems to be a challenge to her husband, and whenever possible he undermines her efforts to eliminate bullying by actually promoting it.

U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik has decided that if bullying can work for the president, it might work for her, too. She likes to call her opponent Taxin’ Tedra. While she may think this is funny and a way to endear herself to some of her constituents, it shows the weakness of her character.

If you want to show that you are the better candidate, advertise your record and what you plan on doing in the coming term. Much like our president, Ms. Stefanik does not have a health care plan. She talks about some of the Affordable Care Act’s popular characteristics, but she and the president have not come up with their own plan to offer to the American people.

Rather than tying up the U.S. Supreme Court in trying to dismantle our plan piece by piece, why not offer up a new plan that people will flock to? This Trump administration has had four years to propose a plan to be scrutinized on its own merits, but it has let the opportunity slip away. Why?

Ms. Stefanik criticizes Ms. Cobb for not being out in public during the novel coronavirus pandemic. She was not out in public in Northern New York prior to the crisis. She never gave a heads-up on where she was going to be so her constituents could show up to ask her questions.

I encourage people to look at the character of the two candidates running to represent Northern New York. Which one will look out of the well-being of the people in our region, and which one will use us as a stepping stone to improve her own standing in the political world?

Dr. Anthony Beane


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Congresswoman Stefanik beat Tedra Cobb by 38 thousand votes in 2018. I think Elise will do it again. Go Stefanik 2020.


Rep. Stefanik where is the big beautiful health care plan that has been talked about? It's been four years and nothing but tear down Obamacare. Repeal and replace is no longer the plan.

Let just be honest Republicans have never put a serious health plan to be voted on at any time and they never will.


It’ll be here in two weeks but you have to vote for her Trumpy first.


During the 4 years Trump has been president, your party has attacked relentlessly. The majority of the attacks were gratuitous. This began the day after the election. Its a miracle anything happened with the constant Morning Joe style barrage foing on.


The majority of the attacks were gratuitous.

Was there anything as gratuitous as the birther conspiracy theory Trump pushed about Obama until ... well, I don’t know when. He’s probably still pushing it when he’s not whining about some conspiracy theory that Obama spied on him. Poor, poor Donald Trump. He’s the only president in history who’s faced criticism. He’s been treated worse than any other president. Just ask him and he’ll tell you. Well, he’ll likely tell you even if you don’t ask. Can’t wait to see the pity party if he loses.

hermit thrush

republicans and the conservative media apparatus attacked relentlessly when obama was president. except he wasn't a lying bigot.


I encourage people to look at the character of the two candidates running to represent Northern New York.

That’s really all you need to do.


Exactly why I voted for Elise yesterday.

hermit thrush

quite the self-own, then. elise and her slimeball tactics do attract a few fans.

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