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On July 27, U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik stood on the steps of the U. S. Capitol and claimed Speaker Pelosi was somehow responsible for the riots of Jan. 6. Her ridiculous speech was noted. Fact-checkers awarded her Four Pinocchios — their highest possible award — for your mistruths. This honor is given for lies. Good job!

How utterly pathetic. She has fallen into a pattern of repeating obvious lies. Does she really believe the election was stolen? Did she really think the Senate would overturn the voice of the people? How could she not know what she said on Jan. 7 was untrue? After all, her talking point had been advanced, and refuted, before her diatribe.

This can only be a cynical form of political theater. Ms. Stefanik and her colleagues are obviously trying to divert attention from the House committee investigating the events of Jan. 6.

We deserve better. The Jan. 6 insurrection was the first time our Capitol had been breached since 1814. Its importance cannot and should not be dismissed and held hostage to partisan politics, especially those based on lies.

I honestly had hope for Ms. Stefanik when she was first elected. I thought a moderate Republican was entirely appropriate for our district. But she continues to disappoint.

The American experiment in democracy is now and always has been fragile. She and your fellow Trump Republicans continue to test it in irresponsible ways. Shame on all of them.

Lest she think I am some starry-eyed liberal, I am a 76-year-old Vietnam veteran. I fear for the future of my democracy. I wish she did as well.

Disappointed again.

James M. Hassett


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As Democrats embrace authority and Republicans push countercultural revolution, we’re reenacting the 1960s with the roles reversed.

The Republicans are having a Dionysian moment. Who’d’ve thunk?

That’s the lede from an article in National Review by Kevin Williamson saying the right has now entered their “hippie phase.” I have enough subscriptions without adding NR so I haven’t actually read it.

The gist of it seems to be that the Democrats are now the party that backs institutions like the police, military, CIA, FBI, religion. The Republican Party is analogous to the left that was trying to destroy the system in the 60s. I’ve been saying for awhile now that they’re nihilists. Not alone in saying that, of course.

I can’t help but think of Trump’s comment on his own intel agencies where he was publicly taking Putin’s word over theirs. His denigration of McCain and others as heroes. The number of Republicans who voted against honoring those who protected them on January 6th. Well, protected the Dems and Pence/Romney at least. Abbie Hoffman and the Weathermen were never as extreme as today’s GOP.

I particularly note the difference in religious values between the parties being a practicing Christian myself. The difference between the faith of Biden and Pelosi against that of Trump. I realize Pence is over and above, but that obviously was to make up for the decadence at the top of the ticket. Matt Putorti who’s running for rep is a practicing Christian. I have no idea of Elise’s spiritual practices. Maybe she’s spoken of it, but I missed it then.

I’ll leave a link to a clip of Williamson speaking of his article on Morning Joe. RINOs all around according to the former Democrat from Queens who is now the shining city on the hill for Republicans, I’m sure.


Ditto Mr. Hassett. Well said.


I think there are many who attribute Elise Stefanik’s behavior to the bad influence of Donald Trump. I believe she always had it in her and Trump merely allowed her inner nihilist to blossom. 🌸


Thank you for sacrificing an important portion of your life for the our nation. However, you could still be a starry eyed liberal. Your generation did spawn a bunch of them, even veteran versions. If "we deserve better" means to you a left of center Democrat, then you don't understand most of the people in this district. That's who ran against Elise last time. Is that who you'd suggest? Somebody like Cobb? Anti gun rights, pro abortion, anti police, anti military? Maybe you should look real carefully at your party's stance on the issues to see how we got here. Democrats/Liberals have been manipulating the press and the education establishment for several decades to capture the national narrative. They have been largely successful at altering our national fabric. In the face of this extreme challenge to what it means to be an American, Republicans have been pushed into a corner. I'm thinking that some haughty liberals in the audience ought to accept their responsibility for creating this climate instead of micro analyzing one representative. Or is all this Stefanik hate just a crass Letter to the Editor ploy to get her replaced?


Too many of the electorate in our district are pathetic voters who indicated and indicate their preference for Stefanik who speaks untruths to a Democrat. Bill Owens, our most recent Democratic Representative, brought respect to our 21st district. Stefanik with her untruths brings us scorn. No wonder other areas show us no serious attention, we do not deserve it.


I could not agree more with the content of your letter. Many of the points you made are things I have talked about with rational, reality-based residents of the north country. I especially agree with your observation that we in the north country deserve better from our representative. We deserve honesty and integrity from the person who represents is in congress. I no longer think Elise Stefanik is capable of either. What a disappointment she is.

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