Stefanik violated the oath of office she took

No sooner did the voters of 21st Congressional District re-elect U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik than she files an amicus brief in support of the Texas lawsuit that sought to have the U.S. Supreme Court invalidate the presidential election in four states. Of course, the case was without merit and was dismissed by the SCOTUS.

Nevertheless, the fact that our congressional representative would go on record challenging the very democracy that our country is based on is beyond shameful. I shudder to think how fragile our system is when we tolerate — and even encourage — such actors who are so willing to overrun the will of the people to maintain an authoritarian in control. Rep. Stefanik may think she will pay no political price for her craven theatrics.

We should all be shocked by her action and violation of her oath of office to uphold the Constitution. We are not well served by a person who demonstrates such moral expediency.

Jon Montan


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Congresswoman Stefanik showed some partisanship she did not violate her oath of office in any way. Nonsense.

hermit thrush

how is what stefanik did consistent with bearing true faith and allegiance to the constitution, or with well and faithfully discharging the duties of her office?


Republicans have always hated democracy. It’s just come out in the open now that they have a leader that has no self-control over his inside voice. It’s going to be some fun as he spends the next 4 years running for 2024. Woebetide the Republican who doesn’t echo everything he says.

hermit thrush


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