Elise Stefanik wants us to forget. She wants us to forget that after the attack on the U.S. Capitol and our Republic, she continued the lies that fanned the flames of the uprising on Jan. 6.

Stefanik wants us to forget that when the time came after the attack to show true bipartisan support for our Republic, she instead continued her token bipartisanship by continuing to object to the certification of the Electoral College. She wants us to forget how her rhetoric contributed to encouraging an attack on our Capitol that caused five deaths and came close to making victims of some of our congressional leaders.

We will not forget. The Republican cries for quick unity flies in the face of the needed accountability for those who participated in and encouraged the first attack inside of the U.S. Capitol since 1812. Accountability comes as we look to unify the country again.

Elise Stefanik and those who continued to support the lies and conspiracy theories that were the root of the attack on Jan. 6 should be held accountable. They, including Elise Stefanik, should resign or be expelled.

Jon Hall


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Who you got Jon to take out Stefanik. Tedra Cobb?


How about a Republican who’s not a Trump loyalist? She’s a blight on the party if they ever want to get past Trump. A huge if, I realize.


Tedra Cobb had the courage to run for Congress twice in a heavily Republican district. She ran righteous campaigns which is more than I can say Rep. Elise “Cuomo Derangement Syndrome” Stefanik.




Like most people I’ll be quickly forgotten by history. Stefanik might be as well. How many politicians are really remembered? You have to be really good or bad. Joe McCarthy gets remembered, but not for being good. Stefanik will probably be lucky and her legacy will just be to be forgotten. But, if she is remembered it won’t be for being on the right side of history.

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