Walczyk deserves to be re-elected this year

I see our illustrious U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik has consumed a little more of the Trump Kool-Aide. She has now taken up the mantle to defund and blame the World Health Organization for our pandemic woes.

President Donald Trump’s blame game always falls on some else. The WHO is now his latest excuse to hide his own ineptness in dealing with the virus. This pandemic has yet to ravage the Third World. The WHO has faults, but it’s all that most of the Third World has to get them through this crisis. A potential rebound here could be started from these countries.

It amazes me that the party of life always seems to ignore the poorest among us. Elise has become the new poster girl for the Trump show and the darling of Fox News. I often wonder if she graduated from Harvard or Trump University. While you’re at it, let’s defund the post office too.

Mark Helmer

Brasher Falls

Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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Holmes -- the real one

f you’re sick, still come.



The WHO kept the tRump 'administration' informed of the COVID-18 crisis from the get go. He dropped the ball resulting in the loss of American lives. But in keeping with republican standard he passes the buck. Time to show the disgraced republican party the door.

Charlie McGrath

The WHO kept the administration informed with false information. As did the Chinese. Stop watching the hate Trump news all day. The virus is the fault of the Chinese who didn't let people from Wuhan fly into other areas of China but let 5 million Wuhan residents fly all over the world instead. The administration moved swiftly as opposed to Nutsy Nancy who invited everyone to Chinatown on February 24. Well into the virus pandemic. The NYC health commissioner and Mayor minimized the threat. Whatever koo-laid you are drinking, change to a different flavor. It is causing you diarrhea of the brain

hermit thrush

good lord, the "why is birtherism racist" guy strikes again. this is a parade of lies. trump did almost nothing in response to the virus. his travel restrictions let 40,000 people come here from china (who subsequently faced zero screening here upon arrival). the ny outbreak originated from europe. if you want to criticize pelosi, then that's fine, but this was at a time when trump was repeatedly assuring everyone that there was no danger and everything was under control. trump himself held rallies on february 19, 20, 21, 28, and march 2. he threw a big birthday party for kimberly guilfoyle at mar-a-lago on march 7. we will all be looking forward to your principled criticism of trump for this. it's surely not like you're throwing around this "diarrhea of the brain" talk while being just as bad yourself.

Charlie McGrath

You still haven't explained why. You just assert the narrative it is racist to say that Obama was born in Kenya . If you can, why don't you really explain it for me? It should be easy and from you I will learn more about racism and how to recognize it.

The idea that Trump did nothing in response to the virus is factually incorrect. Sounds good though.

hermit thrush

i explained birtherism before and then you dropped out of the conversation.

i didn't say that trump did nothing. you are right that that would be a factually incorrect claim. i said that trump did almost nothing, which is true. all he did was to put partial travel restrictions in place -- after the three major domestic airlines cut flights to china themselves and after 40 other countries took action. at best this was a band-aid which could have bought us some time to prepare for the inevitable spread here, but trump proceeded to waste the opportunity. he waited until it was far too late to do anything.


Imagine not knowing why asking for Obama’s birth certificate is racist. Drink your Hydroquinine Charlie! Trump says it works!


What was the medicine Trump was hyping as a cure? Did Hydrochloroquinine cure COVID-19? Seems like the reality chow President with no experience was dead wrong. I guess the president of the United States telling lies in a crisis is ok?

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