What’s Trump being paid by his pal Putin?

On Tedra Cobb’s Facebook page, she laughably pleas for money while declaring this congressional race a “toss-up.” Where she is getting this tidbit of information is beyond me, but it’s absolutely obvious that U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik is going to run away with this election. Tedra Cobb does not have a snowball’s chance in hell of representing NY-21 as long as Elise is around.

The eye test is enough to figure out that Stefanik is going to win this race. She is by far the superior candidate; she is beloved in the district; and her charisma is simply unmatched by really anyone in Congress. However, if that isn’t enough for you, we can easily dig deeper for more concrete evidence regarding Elise’s certain win in November.

Elise is representing a widely Republican district and has made zero errors in representing the district. She has always stood up for what the people value and what the district believes in, even if it’s not the popular thing to do along the party lines. She has earned the respect of her constituents by never backing down and staying tough even when things get difficult whether that be on the national or local level.

Also, political reporter Kyle Midura literally reported that the race is regarded as a guaranteed win while citing national election predictions. Cobb should bow out of the race now while she has a shred of dignity. The north country refuses to vote for someone who won’t commit to have a stance on hot button issues, hides her true viewpoints and consistently votes to raise taxes. And that will be proven again in 2020.

Anthony Talarico

Fort Montgomery

Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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Kyle Midura? The Moron From Montana? Is that the same person?

Couldn't this clown, I mean, 'partisan' sycophant find a qualified commentator to lean on?

Sleazy Elise is equally unqualified. She hasn't shown up for half the Intelligence briefings she's paid to do. The kids at Fort Drum must be SO happy she's looking out for their safety and has such deep concern that Russia is paying to have them whacked (while Trump focuses on more important matters - like his re-election) that she spends her time in Tulsa at COVID-19 parties with Herman Cain. FAR from Fort Drum... With Republican support like this in Washington...




Shows you how many ignoramuses live in the district. The NC has some pitiful people in it.


Namecalling! Nice job. Violation of principle #5 below. Maybe you need to consider your beliefs, rockloper. You seem to be filled with vitriol and hate. I hope you echo-chamber dwellers feel vindicated by hearing other e-c dwellers saying the same thing over and over.


If you're ignorant that means you have a lack of knowledge. since when is it bad to point out that someone lacks knowledge in an area. Now if a liberal were called ignorant and protested you would resort to 'snowflake' as a label, so what does that make a conservative?

Holmes -- the real one

Apparently pointing out the lack of and disdain for knowledge among some of the locals seems to you to be equivalent to "vitriol and hate."

Well, you should know that you are not correct on that. Identifying something for what it is (ignorance -- look it up) is not the same as "name calling."

For a timely example, by definition, a person who habitually tells lies is a liar, Donald Trump habitually tells lies. Donald Trump is a liar. That's not hyperbole, it's just the truth.

Vitriol is another name for sulfuric acid. So when we use the term "vitriolic" it means like sulfuric acid. (Have you ever encountered it? Just one drop can eat a 1/4" trough in your skin before you have time to wash it off -- even if you are standing right by a sink with the water running).

Hate, of course, is an intense and bitter dislike. Neither of these terms is appropriate to apply to the simple use of words like ignorant or ignoramus (which is simply the term for an ignorant or stupid person).

Consider this an invitation for you to speak to us of what you admire about Elise Stefanik and about the position you have chosen to take on these matters.




When was the last time you lost it over TRUMP, the professional deviate, insulting anyone, Comrade **itBull? Is that an anagram of Bull**it, Comrade?


Ah, yes. Full-throated praise for a modern day saint. And after re-election, canonization!

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