I read in the paper that U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik took part in a roundtable discussion with local boat owners in reference to the rising water levels on the St. Lawrence River.

As someone who has close friends who live on and near the river and as a member of our community, I am concerned about their ability to keep their homes.

Our relationship with the river is a large part of our culture here in the north country.

All of this goes to say that I am glad to see Rep. Stefanik working not only in a bipartisan manner but also with our Canadian neighbors to develop a plan to address this crisis.

After all, it’s a crisis that is quite literally in our backyard.

I fully expect the congresswoman will continue work with local representatives in New York and with other members of Congress to find a solution to this, and many other challenges, that we face here in NY-21.

I wish her nothing but the best as she works hard for us.

Celtin W. Clardie


Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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Perfect comment krsparks


Holmes, elderberry nice to see you two. Ya this setup is terrible.


Agreed Rockloper... I've emailed the editor... they'd be wise to read these posts... I look forward to the long standing commentors on these posts... But this is not where near as user friendly as their previous comment section...


So she shows up years after , has a meeting, accomplished nothing, but she's helpful? Seriously. Just a photo-op to fool people. Follow her actions as they never match her words.


pBartisan manner? Send the little name calling brat packing.


Typical liberal response. How hypocritical; neither side is working in a bi-partisan way but the liberals have their 2016 blinders on and won't/can't see it.


Stefanik is working with Republicans on the biggest budget defict ever. Thanks to Republicans, America will have its biggest budget deficit ever. Remember when Republicans used to care about government spending? ha ha ha.


Yes, it's been building by about a billion a year for about the last 10 years.


Ha ha, Scooter thinks the deficit has been raised by "a billion" per year. The War in Iraq cost one trillion. That is 1,000 billion, scooter. Did you know that George W Bush was so irresponsible with money he pretended the war was free, and didn't include it on budget numbers? Since you are not brainwashed I am sure you know!


Kind of miss the Upvote arrow. Or Like button, etc.


Agreed Elderberry...no up or down votes...no Scorecard of most talked about topics..read topics...counts of responses...etc.. Shared this via email with the editor...no change... WDT made these changes without user input...which would have been critical..consumer feedback.....this would have been a great forum for same... So what do they look for feedback on... A Survey Monkey on "WHat's your favorite potato chip?"... SERIOUSLY??? That's like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic... I just don't get it... Hoping they read this...and the rest of the commenters notify them as well...

Holmes -- the real one

rockloper -- this really needs an upvote arrow counter. Count me in.


I find your support of a name calling hateful racist fascinating...the hypocrisy is quite startling. I say this also noting that I support some of the things you say directly but this person you wish to upvote...yikes...


Agreed Holmes... I look forward to the various give take in these forums.. I just don't get it... I've written the Editor...they seem to be ignoring feedback.. Their response was asking to continue to purchase a subscription... They need to listen to their customers feedback...Open a forum of discussion... and frankly who cares that our favorite potato chip is...OMG...

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